Well, the media is using the phrase, 'polar vortex' to describe the cold front hitting the USA today.  Here in Jackson, this is everyday weather and the best gauge of temps is normally dictated by what the moose are up to.  If it is cold, they tend to relax for breakfast in the backyard.

Momma Moose

So, today was a typical JH polar vortex, with a 1 degree F run start temp.  Today is my strength day, where I hit the neighborhood trails and "track" for a strength interval session, followed with some, in the gym, full body strength work - cool impossible style.

I started with a nice easy easy paced WU.  I ran by speed rather than HR on this.  Since it is a relatively short run, I want to nail my SP1 training zone and see if this puts my in my zone 2 HR - which is did and is a good sign this time of year.

After this WU, I headed to my winter track for 5 strength intervals.  I did one as a WU at a very moderate pace and to measure out 60 seconds.  My goal for the workout was then to make the next 5 efforts faster than this 60 second interval, AND each one had to be faster than the last.

The Track

My first one I hit 56 seconds and feared I made this way too fast and was in for a challenge.  The 2nd one I hit the finish at 54 seconds and the 3rd at 50 seconds - doing well, but the speed was getting challenging on firm snow.  For the next one I had to really focus the entire time.  I nailed it pulling off a 48 second effort.  I felt this was my best effort and my goal for the last was to really try to relax and "just let it happen".  I started out and slipped and stumbled, instead of get frustrated I kept shouting in my head my mantra and stayed relaxed.

44.8 seconds, with speed in the fours - hands on knees.  Funny how the mind works!  

Capped off with a nice recovery run to the road and then performed 7 X 15 second moderate sprints to form, economy and flush the muscles quick recovery for my long mountain run tomorrow - stay tuned.

Total Run Time: 55 min

Average HR: 141

Max HR: 180

Mantra: "I want this"

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Comment by Eric Orton on January 7, 2014 at 7:00pm

The only lifts in JH are trams, gondolas, and chairlifts.  See you soon!!

Comment by Sanja Burns on January 7, 2014 at 6:58pm

We also tend to experience the 'polar vortex' every day here in Singapore. It is called ridiculously high air conditioner. As everyday, I am freezing in my office. I think I am going to do some stair work - go down to get an espresso and then walk back up (while everyone else uses a lift). And while I am at it, I will just pretend I am in JH running the mountains.

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