Not sure how many people actually read this, but writing like running is therapy to me. If I don't do either very often, I start to feel crazy.

First, my new nickname could be "Dead Legs". Man, is that ever something I'm trying to get over. Slowly but surely, with the help of way more food than I'm used to eating at this point, I'm crawling out of the dead leg hole and feeling strong again. It's a confidence booster to hit a stride and feel good halfway through a run when you started out feeling like your legs were made out of granite. This and next week are big tests, and if I can handle them, I'm confident I'll be prepared for the big run in August. If I had to go today, I think I could gut it out. That said, man...I'm glad I don't have to go today.

Also, I picked up three sponsors at!

Lightlife is a veggie food company that has been very receptive to my ACS event and are sending along some goodies for the trip. Awesome.

Second, Gringo Bandito hot sauce. Yeah, it seems like a funny one, but it's really right up my alley. As great as some soy products are, they sometimes lack in the excitement department. I love hot sauce, and I prefer the kind that will burn your face off. That said, those sauces generally do not mix well with running. Gringo Bandito, however, isn't hot...but has a lot of flavor. It was created by Dexter Holland, the lead vocalist for the band the Offspring. I shot them an e-mail, and a few days later I recieved a message from the folks at Gringo Bandito saying that Dexter was stoked about my run and they were happy to send me along some cases of hot sauce. Again, awesome.

Finally however, is the big one. GU Energy picked me up late this evening. I was so excited I was dancing around my living room. That's pretty impressive considering the beating my legs have been taking! It only takes one, and I get the feeling that with GU onboard, the other sponsors are going to be much easier to pursue.

The RV is coming together, so next is the team. Tricky, but I'm hopeful. Hey, if any of you folks are available, give me a nudge!

I have one newspaper story under my belt, a local television interview, and a radio interview as well. Jumping on the big dogs Monday. I'm going national as soon as possible. Eric has been awesome, sending me lots of tips and reminding me of very obvious things, know, how I need to be putting way more food in my face. I really feel like everything is coming together.

August is right around the corner. Cannot wait to step out onto that road and begin this journey.


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Comment by Space Girl on July 7, 2009 at 12:35pm
Wow, congrats on the sponsors! Good luck! :)
Comment by Eric Orton on June 26, 2009 at 12:52pm
That is awesome Dustin. Way to gu, on securing GU!!! AND, it is a VERY good sign that your legs are starting to feel better in a run, after starting out feeling heavy. This is a major sign that your body is adjusting to the volume and soon peak fitness will arrive!!
Comment by Jason Long on June 26, 2009 at 7:37am
Congrats on the sponsors, Dustin - that's awesome. And the Gringo Bandito hot sauce sounds great. I'll have to see if I can track some down.


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