That was my first comment/apology to my coach who would be looking at my run data. Literally, the blue pace line all over... way up, waaay down, stopped, started, stopped, started, waaay up, waay down, stopped....But the run...the run today was pure bliss. I knew I was a little tired from War Eagle and i'm still a little discouraged at how hard the effort vs what my data showed. The legs a little sluggish this week with recovery runs and days off.  This morning's alarm came and an overwhelming desire to stay in bed struck.  I was not motivated to hit the trails today.  Coffee down, and egg mcmuffin no cheese sat on my stomach like lead.  I did finally perk up when I got to Turkey Mt trails. Off I went.  Feeling sluggish at first,starting to worry I would have to trudge through this one. then got to the top of the hill, lovingly named lipbuster, and there was the sunrise.  I finally noticed my surroundings and the trail ahead.  Wow, the lush green. After about 3 miles I was wishing I could capture all of this, the flowers were so bright and the green so green and the trail so sweet and smooth, and the way the sun was peeking through..That's it.  I decided to run back to the car and get my I-phone.  Here would be the dilemma. If I stopped and took pictures as I went, my overall pace would be slower.  I might not get as "good" a workout as I'm supposed to.  A year ago that would have kept me from grabbing the camera.  I decided, not only would I take some pictures, but I would stop every time I wanted to catch something.  I felt like a little jackrabbit, stopping for a moment, then taking off again. It felt great! I would go faster until I felt tired or another photo op jumped out at me. It was just what my brain...and coincidentally, my legs needed. Oh it was fun, darting, stopping, running, jogging, scrambling, stopping. And amazingly enough, although my pace looked wild, my heart-rate data looked pretty good, up and down in the zones.

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Comment by Karen Blackert on June 10, 2013 at 5:02am

Love the pictures! Makes me wish I was out on trails RIGHT NOW! :)

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