I have been tracking this event called La Ultra - The High (thehigh.in) touted as one of the cruelest events in the world for the last couple years because I have some good friends as part of the organising team. I have wanted to help out as a volunteer and also experience this event first hand.

I thought the opportunity and the time had come when the La Ultra announced a new Relay event called the Eleventy-One which was designed exactly for people like me. It would allow me to experience the Ultra if I could put together a team of 3 runners so that we could all see what it feels like to run in low-alitudes. Unfortunately, this event was cancelled a few days ago. The organisers however, have promised to organise a 40K trail run for volunteers. Since there is a week set aside for acclimatisation prior to the event, the organisers feel that interested volunteers can check out the experience on a 40K trail run and then volunteer as a crew member. I am all signed up and just beginning to think about starting my training.

I plan to ease into this program by starting on the Whole Food diet this week. Now that we are well into 2014 and all the festivities have died down, I think I can go back to my more disciplined lifestyle and slowly get down to the right diet, training etc.

I still have to figure out how to train for altitude. I live in Bangalore which is 3000 feet change but the Ultra is run at altitudes in excess of 14000 feet. That will come in a couple of months. For now, I just want to get into my training routine and start adding miles

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Comment by Eric Orton on January 14, 2014 at 8:32am

We traded messages a while ago about this race and La Ultra looks so cool.  Can wait to hear more about your training - go for it!

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