I am into my 8th day of the No Sugar Diet recommended by CI. I don't expect this 20-day diet itself to be an issue because I am not much of a sugar junkie anyway, but nevertheless it is important because this will be my first milestone with the Cool Impossible program. For the record, I loved dark chocolates and cookies until some 6-months back and have since then almost entirely gone off sugar.

The 20-day Whole Food challenge should not be a big challenge in India. Much of the country is not into processed and packaged 'foods' and eats natural anyway. Fresh fruits and vegetables are available in abundance in India and, better yet they are organic by default. I live on a small farm myself so a good portion of my fruits and vegetables grow right here on my farm. I am not a big meat eater, and do not eat seafood or beef. I eat chicken 1-2 times a week, but eat a couple of boiled eggs at breakfast almost every day.

I also eat a lot of plain yoghurt that we make at home from cow's milk. I know Eric says No to yoghurt but I think this is a source of protein for me. This type of plain yoghurt (also called 'curds') is part of staple diet in Southern India. Anybody have any additional views on this? We also make 'chapatis' (Indian bread made out of Wheat or Jowar Flour at home) and I expect that I will continue to eat these.

I have just started to work on assembling the equipment recommended by Eric. Since I live in India, this can be a bit of a challenge since a slant board and stability disk cannot be bought in any store that I can think of in my city (Bangalore is one of the largest metros in India and I have looked!). I am talking to one local carpenter and trying to get a slant board and stability disk made to suit me. I already have a Fitball - that is not a problem thanks to the global machinery of the big brands. Obviously, I will not be buying ski poles! I will have to make do with some 'poles' that I am making from the bamboo trees outside.

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