Starting to think more about Boston. My goal last year this time was to qualify for Boston at the OKC Marathon. It's the only marathon I have ever run. I did it and qualified (juuust barely!!). I've run quite a few trail ultra distances now and lots of little 5k-15ks on road over the years, but the marathon is daunting to me. It's a weird distance for me and an awkward challenge. It's all road and long, but not ultra long and not on trail or undulating, hilly dirt roads. I've kinda ignored Boston till now. Thinking I'm just going to soak up the atmoshphere and..well...hell..see Boston! I've never been there. I blocked the actual race out. Now I'm thinking about it...what do I want that race to be like for me. Do I want to try and set a pr...funny since I've only run 1 would think a PR might not be that hard, however, I remember how "hard" OKC marathon was for me! There were a few points where I thought I was going to die or quit. I had never tried to drink electrolytes and water from little cups along the way. That requires some serious skill to actually get more than an ounce without stopping altogether....and then the bloating from sucking more are than fluid. I use a hydration pack for ultras and I never stopped for aid on any of the 5-15ks. What about the course? I know there are some hills and of course "heartbreak hill". OKC had some hills, but did it have as many? What about the weather and the jillions of other runners. Oh shit, my heart rate is climbing! Why am I nervous about Boston? It's supposed to be easy and laid back and no worries right?..I mean, the hard part was qualifying, right? I'm just going for the fun of it. Awe dangit. I knew it would happen. I can't run a race without putting my best foot forward, without seeing what the possibilities are, without challenging myself and seeing what plays out. So, of course, that being said I'm trying to visualize what time I will see at the finish line.....dare I divulge it and commit to seeing if it becomes a reality?

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