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I'm in Bernalillo, New Mexico, about forty miles from Santa Fe. I should have something in the neighborhood of three weeks left on what is now a very long hike, which will most certainly turn back into a run the closer I get to Texas and support.

Click here for a video update via youtube.

I've appreciated all of the well wishes from you folks more than you know, and I sort of feel like an ass for not… Continue

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Longest week...ever.

Five days.

That's pretty much all I can muster. This is crazy. I can't wait.

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Adding my own training elements...

Sometimes, I have to break from Eric's training modules and do my own thing.

Awesome excuse for sprints, am I right?

Best Cherrybomb...ever.

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Progress and sponsors

Not sure how many people actually read this, but writing like running is therapy to me. If I don't do either very often, I start to feel crazy.

First, my new nickname could be "Dead Legs". Man, is that ever something I'm trying to get over. Slowly but surely, with the help of way more food than I'm used to eating at this point, I'm crawling out of the dead leg hole and feeling strong again. It's a confidence booster to hit a stride and feel good halfway through a run when you started… Continue

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Coming together...

Been a while since I've written anything, which I intend to remedy.

My website is up.


Pretty proud of it, and I hope it grows. I had my first interview in what I hope is many this morning. Got to talk about the training, how excited I am about the run, why I'm doing it. I think about these things often, but it's nice to verbalize them every once in a while. It makes it feel more real when I'm telling another human being who is then going to tell… Continue

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Training thus far...

Wanted to update. First, it's good to see so many people joining. Twelve on Tuesday! That's awesome.

So, training. Eric has really shifted me away from what I thought running was about, which was pushing myself...the wrong way. Granted, at the time, I had no idea I was approaching things backwards. Eric is pushing me to run stronger, not harder. When I first looked at my running schedule, I was sort of let down by the puny run times. One hour? Fifteen minutes of barefoot jogging?… Continue

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Why I'm here...

So, first blog post.

I'll jump right into the why and how I'm here. To the point is good, yes?

I joined the service in '99, and during bootcamp realized that while everyone else dreaded the one to twice daily five mile runs, I really dug them. I actually looked forward to them because it was a vacation from being there. I wasn't being smoked on the quarterdeck, being bellowed at by red faced DIs, or doing pushups unitl I couldn't breath. Running was escape, and I was good… Continue

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