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Improving Your Ultra Distance Speed

The majority of runners training for ultra marathon events lasting 4 hours or longer have no trouble getting in miles or long runs.  This is the most intuitive and specific training that usually occurs.  But many runners will take this to the extreme, running too long and too easy, thinking this will provide drastic improvements in their race performance.  Long training runs are important, but what tends to be missing from ultra runners training repertoire is attacking the neuromuscular…


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Run Form and Technique: Lifting the Knee/Leg

Earlier this Spring while traveling the country with Chris McDougall and Scott Jurek on the Born To Run Naked Tour, we made a stop in Asheville NC. We had a rare extra day to spend in Asheville so we enlisted local runner and CCUM winner, Will Harlan, to play tour guide for us on a trail run.


Chris had been experiencing some groin issues during the last week or so and during this run he had me look at his run stride and technique.  I noticed that he was getting "lazy" with his…


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The Official 1st Day of Training for the Born To Run Secret Race!

Officially started my first day of training today for the BTR secret race in Oct.  I parked in town at the Snow King Resort parking lot and started with a climb up Snow King mtn.  This is the local ski hill and gains 1753 feet in just 2.14 miles.

After my Snow King summit, I headed off the back side to tack on an extra 3.5 miles for a total of 5.69 miles and 2,147 elevation gain.  I managed to keep everything under my climbing threshold HR.  This is very important early season to…


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What I Learned on The Naked Tour

Touring around the country with Chris McDougall helping promote the Born To Run paperback was great fun.  Every stop was unique and it was wonderful to meet so many passionate runners.  I would often close my speech by telling the audience how cool it was that someone (Chris) who came in last, has…


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IT Band and Your Downhill Form

Now that the snow is starting to melt here in the Tetons, I always see a jump in IT Band issues when runners start hitting more hills.  This stems from their downhill running.  We generally have good form running uphill, but when we let loose downhill, getting that much needed reward from the climb, we tend to heel strike more.  Heel striking in general is bad and can lead to IT band tightness, but with the pounded on the downhills, a heel strike first crash landing can wreck havoc on your… Continue

Added by Eric Orton on April 15, 2011 at 5:44pm — 3 Comments

It's Time to Come Out of the Closet

Now that all of the shoe company's are NOW claiming to be experts on barefoot running and making a good run form transition, many in the industry are asking me how my program differs.  Below is one of my recent email responses to this question.  See you on the Naked Tour - E

My approach is to build foot, leg, glute, core strength thru a potent strength program that can take as little as 5 minutes or up to 30 minutes several times per week based on the runners time frame.  The aim here…


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Live With Eric: Run Drills and Technique

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What's Your Motivation?

It's that time again when we look at the past year in the rear view mirror and ahead to the New Year. Hopefully your New Year thoughts include some run goals that push the impossible. We have all heard how important it is to write down our goals, but I believe it is more powerful to learn to dream big without fearing the outcome. So, I would like to have some fun and challenge you this year to dream big!

What's your ultimate… Continue

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Running Cadence: A Great First Step

One of the first things I analyze when coaching runners is their ability to run easy with appropriate cadence. Elite runners tend to stride at about the same rate, about 90+ steps per minute per foot. The important thing is this stride rate doesn't vary much regardless of how fast or slow they are running.
Try for yourself and see where you are at.

Added by Eric Orton on November 30, 2010 at 5:58pm — 2 Comments

Everest Marathon Private Run Camp: Jackson Hole

Rich said "it was the best three days of my life." He was most likely exaggerating a little, but I think you get the idea. We had a great three days running, training, talking, and dreaming! Here is a video montage of Rich's private Everest Marathon training camp, just as we experienced it!…


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Eric's Playground: Ferrins Trail to Josies Ridge

Today I set out on a recon run for my 3 day camp coming this weekend and thought I would share some of the sights of Eric's Playground. This is a run that I do about once a week, as I can access these trails from town or my house just south of town.…


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Train With Eric Run Clinic - Des Moines Iowa

It's all about Foot Strength!…


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Are you at risk for a run injury? Try this self-assessment.

With many of my personal training athletes, I use the overhead deep squat as a movement pattern to assess limits within the body. I have posted the video of this exercise/movement so you can perform a self-assessment.

The ability to perform the Deep Squat requires an optimal body weight squatting pattern and a poor performance of this squat can alert you to some stability, mobility and asymmetries within your body that may lead to run specific problems.

The Deep Squat is… Continue

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Fore Foot Srike Explained by Professor Daniel Lieberman

Here is a great video presentation by Prof. Daniel Lieberman of Harvard, explaining the benefits of a fore foot strike while running -… Continue

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Free Form Intervals

I thought I would share with you my Sunday run. Currently, I am not in a structured training mode, just running frequently and consistently. Over the last two years, I have not been putting in the long miles typical to my training schedule and have stumbled upon a great workout to keep the legs "alive" during your off season or to "wake" them up from always doing the same type of run.

I call this run free form or free form intervals because you are including a few intervals within a… Continue

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Winter Trail Running in Jackson Hole

Hi all - I am in the process of finalizing my Summer Run Camp schedule and as my mind is on summer, I thought I would post a short slide show of a great run I had during the holidays for everyone to get a glimps of my world and the Tetons under snow. Unlike most of the country, we have had an unusually dry and warm winter thus far in Teton Valley and trail running has been awesome!

Enjoy -… Continue

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Training With Eric - Custom Camp in the Snow!

I just concluded my last Run Camp of the year and thought I would post a few pictures. You never know what Mother Nature will throw at you in the mountains, especially in October. Eliza and Kate flew in from The Bay area for a 2 day custom run camp and we had a great time. The weather was rainy, snowy, sunny, and cold - but Kate and Eliza had a great adventurous spirit and we made the best of the weather.

Our plan was to have breakfast and then hit the strength training facility to… Continue

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Update on Dustin's Run

Hi Everyone - Here is a quick video press release detailing the latest on Dustin's run from California to Texas.

Press Video

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Mojo Run - Support Dustin's Run Journey

“He didn’t even look tired! It’s like he was just…having fun!” – Born to Run (pg 103).

I like to think of Mojo as being magic. But magic just doesn’t happen, you must put yourself “out there” and challenge the norm and what is possible. This often times creates fear, which is natural, but Mojo happens when we look beyond the fear and ACT on it. Dustin's Got Mojo!

In recognition of Dustin… Continue

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The Cool Impossible by Eric Orton

The Cool Impossible: Run Beyond Limits

“this is by far one of the best training books of the past decade.” - Competitor Magazine

Order link:





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