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Running With Eric - Snow Strength and Scorpions

Well, I finally had to shovel twice today, oops make that now three times.  Our first snow fall in a week and it is still coming down. Should be good skiing tomorrow, the mountain needs it.  And, could be a good snowshoe run tomorrow.  The snow was good timing also because today is my recovery day from running.  This…


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Running With Eric - Cool Impossible Wednesday

With three great training days behind me, I was looking forward to today, my Cool Impossible Wednesday.  I like to devote Wednesdays to getting out for a long run and using this as a creative time…


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Running With Eric - January 7, 2014

Well, the media is using the phrase, 'polar vortex' to describe the cold front hitting the USA today.  Here in Jackson, this is everyday weather and the best gauge of temps is normally dictated by what the moose are up to.  If it is cold, they tend to relax for breakfast in the backyard.…


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Running With Eric: January 6, 2014

I am in the second day of my 2014 season of training.  Not because it is the New Year, but this start date sequences right with my Summer and Fall run projects.  During the holidays we had warm temps and some snow (never enough), but today I welcomed back cold, arctic air which brings great snow running conditions and blue skies.

I decided to hit Game Creek trail today, just 3 miles South of home, for a nice 3 mile gradual climb and gives way for some faster running back down.  I was…


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Skyrunning Race Series and You?

The Skyrunning Series was just announce and I am planning to attend a few of these races in the US and potentially one International race, and thought it would be fun to get a group of you to show up and race together as an informal team.

These are great races and very popular in Europe…


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Should A Six Year Old Run a Half Marathon

I was recently asked by the NY Daily News whether it was healthy for a six year old girl to run a half marathon.

Here is her story and my response.  What's your opinion?

6 Year Old Runs Half Marathon

EO's response:

I think we get into trouble when we try and make general…

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Eric and The Cool Impossible on The Competitor's Radio Show

Here is a great podcast conducted by Bob Babbitt of The Competitor's Radio Show

“The Cool Impossible is by far one of the best training books of the past decade.” - Competitor Magazine…


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Moderation Is Mediocrity In Disguise

The old saying "Everything in Moderation" is a classic, but in my opinion it leads only to being average.  Being your best is a choice, and consistently making good nutrition choices leads to peak performance.

We all have a choice of how we want to eat.  We know what is best for us: simple, natural,…


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A New Idea for Run Strength

Throw away your preconceived notions of strength. We are not talking about heavy lifting, drifting between exercises at the gym, or fighting for space in Monday morning’s sculpt or cross-fit class. These all serve a purpose for a variety of personal reasons, but I challenge you to think differently about what a strong body should be for you as a runner. Remember, the Tarahumara Indians are not only great runners, but they’re also great…


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Is Running Always Pure Joy? Maybe!

Today's plan was for a nice, easy road run from home.  I set out with good motivation and about 90 seconds into it, just around the corner from home,  I stopped.  All that great motivation had blown out of me like the snow cannons blasting for avalanches in the winter.  I decided to walk and try to find some reason just to bag the run.  Ah, let me check, I bet my legs are tired.  Hmmm, nope, they actually feel great after 3 days in the mountains and over 10,000 feet of elevation gain, and…


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Paragons of Strength—the Tarahumara Indians

While in Urique the days before the Copper Canyon race, I spent every possible moment watching and interacting with the Tarahumara. I wanted to know how they’d become such amazing endurance runners. What gave them the ability to run a hundred miles, more, in a single day over such extreme terrain?

I found their special “sauce.” It’s not some extra muscle or anatomical advantage. It’s many ingredients blended together: running early and a lot…


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Top 5 Cool Running Places You Have Never Heard Of

People run for all reasons, ranging from purely fitness, to racing, to adventure experiences, and travel.  I am fortunate enough to live near epic, worldclass mountain running in the Tetons of Jackson Hole.  The great thing about living here is the access I have to these mountains.  I also have the opportunity to travel to many great places to run and many of the adventures that stick out in my mind are the ones that flew under the radar and were not expected.  Places that might get over…


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The Cool Impossible Effect

Many people ask me what is "The Cool Impossible?" or "What does it mean?"

I like to say, "The Cool Impossible is a goal pursued by dreaming beyond fear and living beyond limits."  But ultimately, The Cool Impossible is an attitude, a philosophy, a mindset, and most important, the individual affect it has on someone.  And many times, this creates an outcome that is…


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Adventure Running For Winter


Adventure Running For Winter 

Winter starts early here in The Tetons with skiers charging the backcountry by mid November.  Dry trails are replaced with 2,000 vertical boot pack accents demanding you earn the fresh powder that the early morning offers up.  Skiing out of bounds, carving first tracks, and making your own way down through the trees and the unknown, all for the chance of something epic, that one day that you will always remember.  The chance to…


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Performance Running: Foot Strike and Knee Drive


Some runners argue they don’t need to work on form. They have all kinds of reasons: I’m not serious enough to need to learn; nobody taught me how to run in the first place; I’ve been running fine for years; my body runs as it should. I understand. But why not challenge yourself; see how good it can feel to…


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Learning to Run Again!

Close your eyes and crank it up and let me know how you plan to challenge your running in a NEW way this weekend. 


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B2R Shoe Launch is HERE!


Dear Running with Eric Tribe -

I’m writing with exciting news about a project I’ve been working on for the last year and a half.

You guys all know my philosophy that the best runners are the best athletes. To that end, my training has always been about more than miles - I teach that ultimate running is training, technique and proper nutrition, resulting in an all-around athlete who is a natural runner.



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Want To Run a 100 Mile Ultra?

Better yet – want to train with Eric Orton to finish that 100-mile run? Then we’re looking for you!

Team Impossible Productions is developing an online series and…


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Visualization for Race Success

One of the easiest and most powerful forms of performance enhancement is visualization.  We have all heard of visualization and have probably at some point watched Olympic skiers preparing for their run down the hill doing visualization.  Their head is bobbing back and forth, going in crazy circles, all with their eyes…


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You Are Not What You Think

I tell my athletes, everyone has negative thoughts; it is what we do with the negative thoughts that separate the elite thinkers from the average thinkers in sport.  This is important to understand.  We all have negative thoughts, no one is immune.  The first step is to understand this and realize avoidance is not the target.  And, when we do have these thoughts it doesn’t mean we are not mentally strong.  The mentally strong have trained and perfected how to respond to challenging times,…


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The Cool Impossible by Eric Orton

The Cool Impossible: Run Beyond Limits

“this is by far one of the best training books of the past decade.” - Competitor Magazine

Order link:





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