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Phase 1 Week 10 Day 4 - WOW!!!

Sorry, but 24 hours later I'm still very excited about this I just have to share.  But, first I love Eric's system.  The strengthening exercises, the tests, the variety of the running workouts...I'm excited just thinking about impact this system has had on my athletic performance.  (I actually think it has helped with my golf swing, but that's another story.)  The workout yesterday was phase 1 week 10 day 4.  I simply love this workout.  I know this word is overused these days,…


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Sand Tracks...

Finally finished up my previous training plan and started Eric's plan in Cool Impossible (great book by the way...has pulled together all this experience I have floating around in my head).  Did the week one day four workout in Ocean City MD yesterday running on the beach.  I know I was supposed to be focusing on cadence, but my mind wondered to analyzing  tracks in the wet sand (I can nail a 90 cadence in my sleep).  Many people were bare footing it, but just as many in shoes.  It was…


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B2R's 225 Mile Report

Loving my B2R's more than ever.

I'll reiterate the construction of these shoes is superior.  No de-bonding.  No stitching issues.  The upper material is very resilient and comfortable on the foot.…


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B2R's 100 Mile Report

So, I've taken my B2R's over 100 cumulative miles now and I do love these shoes.  My runs in them have been constrained to under 7 miles at a time.  Although I'm beginning to slowly up the miles and have done two 10 mile runs and I've had no issues.  I'm building up to my annual Thanksgiving Day 40 miler in FLA, which I plan to run in my B2R's this year.  The shoe upper look new, showing no wear.  The only noticeable wear is on the fore foot tread, smack dap behind the toe split across the…


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Train With Eric

Cirque Series Mountain Races

The Cool Impossible by Eric Orton

The Cool Impossible: Run Beyond Limits

“this is by far one of the best training books of the past decade.” - Competitor Magazine

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