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Tulsa Run 15k..."lose yourself"

I got up at 6am...nice to be able to sleep in for a 9am race start! Got my coffee and breakfast down feeling very anxious. Road races are not what I'm used to, especially recently. I haven't been on anything but trail since last winter. The bigger source of anxiety for me is the fact that road races = speed tests... for coach to see where I am at and what we need to work on.  It's a test of my raw speed and endurance. I tend to feel very exposed and vulnerable. I was anxious for sure, but…


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Mantras anyone??

Tulsa Run 15k Saturday. Coach has set some pacing goals to "challenge" me. He also wants me to come up with mantra to help me focus amd challenge the pace. Any suggestions? "Don't puke" was my first thought ;)

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Pumpkin Holler 25K race report

the 25k was a small piece of my Pumpkin Holler experience. I am now beginning to realize how incredibly enriching an “event” can be. I’ve missed out on “the event” for much of the last 3 years of my racing. Showing up just before the race and leaving soon after.

This event is right in my backyard. It’s on the Illinois river and takes  the backroads around  the hollers in NE Oklahoma. Undulating dirt roads…


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Canyon De Chelly 55k a race and place like no other

Our Canyon de Chelly adventure began Thursday morning. I received an email from race director that there had been cancelations and we got in if we wanted to come. The opportunity to spend time with the Navajo and be welcomed on their land and introduced to their culture was irresistible. Everything seemed to work out just right and we headed out that evening. As we entered the Navajo reservation, memories of my young childhood flooded in. The years we lived in Arizona, and specifically, the few… Continue

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Arkansas Traveller 100...Seeing things from the other side....

I am sitting in Mc Donalds...By myself for the first time in over 40 hours. Knowing I must be tired and hungry and a little delirious to be at McDonalds finding 2 double cheeseburgers, fries and a coke the most fabulous meal....the other options were less appealing and involved chicken nuggets at a gas station served by a Chicken wearing boxing gloves. I had the opportunity to crew, pace, and work medical for this race over the course of 30 hours. 

The day began with hotter than…


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Chitter Chatter....

... So I had some time and was on the irunfar website and reading race reports of UROC and interviews and wishing I were younger and faster and able to compete and starting to feel a little sorry for myself...then a friend downloaded that You tube video and I got to thinking about what all i’ve done this past year and what I’m hoping to accomplish next year.  I realized, although the ponds around here are small....I’ve won races in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and now Kansas too. All in 1… Continue

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