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peeing blood...NOT cool!

Have intermittently been peeing blood for the past few days. Being a nurse practitioner has it's benefits. I knew what the differentials were and was able to diagnose it pretty quick. Of course my colleague doctor friend rolled his eyes and blamed my running! WTF?!! I swear, I could have a runny nose and my colleagues would say, "Its all that running you do". So, between seeing patients Lori gets a CT scan. I must say my friend Mark in CT (who I send many a patient) was all to happy to jab me… Continue

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Rockstar Runner!

Dropped 41 lbs, her blood sugar dropped from av eraging 230 to the new 140..and less.

AND....drumroll please...... she is running up to 4 miles at a time!  She is curing her own diabetes and high blood pressure.  We are rolling back and maybe..who knows...someday soon get to stop those medications.... you know... the ones the drug companies would have  patients…


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Lunch run today. Hot and humid...get used to it lori! My usual lunch run route.....but wait...the reservoir that I run past..the one with the 12 foot chain link fence and razor wire...with the big NO TRESSPASSING sign..the gait is open. Hmmmm...should I trespass? I can see they just cut the grass around the water, suuuhweeet soft grass run. Hmmmm....3 second pause and up the hill and through the gate...like peter cotton tail. Oh man did that grass feel good! Oh man did that wind that always… Continue

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Next up...War Eagle...lets fly!

War Eagle 50k, it's what's for breakfast next Saturday. I get to climb that pole, the one that sways in the wind... the one that's 50 feet tall. I get to stand on that 12" platform, balancing as it sways, hands tightly clasped around the ropes tied to my waist. The trapeze bar just close enough to touch with my fingertips, but far enough to have to jump to get it. I get to let go and jump, to reach, to demand the impossible...without expectation. Get the bar (time goal), miss the bar...the… Continue

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Nathan Vapor Shape hydration pack

Here's some pics of the new pack. Fits great on first try for a small frame. light and comfortable...it outghta be..it's expensive..around $115-$130. Over the next couple weeks will hit the trails with it for longer runs and let ya know what I think.   My previous pack was an Ultimate Direction Wisp...awesome, but I'm wanting to try one that has a front pocket for a water bottle. I'm trying to use handhelds on shorter ultras. I'm still not used to hand-helds....getting there and can now…


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Day Ohn Day 10k...missed it by that much...well maybe a little more ;o)

Was shootin' for a 43:30, trying to pace at 6:45-7min mi.  I knew that would be a tall order for me.  I've done shorter intervals at that pace, and I managed to pace near that the first 10k of a 15k I ran in the late fall.   I knew it was possible but by no means easy. It was a bit of a bad omen when I had to stop to hit the bathroom 3 times on the way to the race (an hour drive). Maybe too much coffee? :/ did half my warm up and realized I would need to find the bathroom...again. My gut was… Continue

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I think my face is melting off

I was pretty sure my face was going to melt off today. You know, like the guy in Indiana Jones at the end of the movie when he looked at the Ark of the Covenant.  That's how I felt at one point today. Needless to say this drama queen is struggling a bit with the sudden heat wave we are experiencing. Got pretty nauseated during speed work yesterday and hit the trails this morning with the same. I knew I had near 3 hours of running on the agenda. After 30 minutes I called it quits. Mild - mod…


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The long bonk and the return

It's always fun to talk about good and great training days or races..but let's face it, they ain't always all that! Saturday started out great...felt good going out...maybe too good? Tried to hold back/or at least not charge forward (or did I?). Saturday's training run? 1 hour easy, a whole bunch of steep hill repeats lasting about 45 min, then another hour and 15 easyish. First hour felt great. Hill repeats were tough, burning quads, burning lungs, hands on knees for a few seconds...ok maybe… Continue

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A call for comments...mainly from the girlies out there

So I need help finding a racing vest for the shorter ultras--ha! If that's not a contradiction of terms! For the past 2 years I've used a full hydration pack for all my long runs and ultras. I decided to try using a hand-held bottle at my last 55k. I realized over the course that I was able to drink so much more water and stay better fueled and hydrated simply becuase I wasn't getting little bitty sips fighting gravity and suction from the tubing on my hydration pack. The newer higher flow… Continue

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Boston...Clutter vs Treasures

I was excited to see another runner's post about his race/running experience. It rang many little bells in my brain. It's fun to find common feelings and experiences in others you admire. I was thinking about the runner's comment about processing his experience and feeling a bit like he had clutter that had yet to find it's place. Later I ran across an interview Coach Eric gave talking about Boston. I still have such a weird mixed bag of emotions (clutter?) about that day. I still feel guilty… Continue

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Next phase...

Welp, next training phase has begun for Leadville. More early mornings, longer runs, focus is now on distance speed endurance. I can run long distances...but maintaining endurance and speed as the miles...and miles..and miles pile up is where work is needed. So 4:30 am alarm today to head to Turkey Mt.  Ohhhhhh sooooo sleepy and NOT wanting to get up!  Slip out of the house without waking children.  Laarge coffee and food and off I go.  Sleepy eyed-sleepy head until....like magic!...good ole… Continue

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Peace....Had I only known...

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