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This is what the new 40 looks like.  She is healthier and feels better than she did at 30.

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B2R trail prototypes

Trail tested the B2R trail prototypes today...Had a blast! Check out the pics! Feel just as good as the road version, no slipping while climbing up the steep sandy trail, good grip on wobbly rocks, can feel the ground...but not those pesky sharp little rocks! And they match my favorite running outfit!

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Mantras For Boston...

Jump, reach, fly. Revel in the space between the board and the bar.

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Learning to fly

When I was 15 I went to summer camp.  We had a ropes course.  I climbed a 50 foot pole with a 12" platform.  It swayed in the wind. There was a trapeze, just out of grip reach, just close enough to touch with my fingers. I would have to unclench my grip on the ropes that were clipped to my waist and reach out and jump. jump..not knowing what the outcome would be.  I focused so hard on how to grab that bar...on the outcome. On how to make it happen. I was afraid. I finally jumped...and… Continue

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"This is why we race...."

Starting to visualize my cool impossible for Boston. Nervous excitement? or just nervous? 3:29, that...or less is what I want to see on the clock when I cross the finish at Boston. Just typing that sends butterflies up my chest and into my throat. Is it possible? I don’t know for sure...since I think it might be possible it’s time to stop fretting, calculating paces, splits, looking at past performances, workouts, heart rates and just start visualizing. Can I see 3:29 as possible...more… Continue

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Mindset of a champion?

I was perusing a running journal and ran across an article on a lady my age who runs marathons finishing nearly an hour faster than I hope to finish at Boston. The title of the article was "Mindset of a Champion". 4 pages and photos of a masters female athlete. The article ended with her commenting on when she'd know she was done running. She said, "There's going to be a day when I wake up and I'll pack up my shoes and I'll be done." She went on, "My kids don't want me to stop, but I've told… Continue

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possibilities vs. expectations

Here's what happens when you let go of expectations and explore the possibilities....or as some might say..."demand the impossible"?!  First female finisher and broke female course record. Who'da thunk it possible a couple years ago? Not me.  Happy girl with race director.…


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5 ish weeks to Boston....

Starting to think more about Boston. My goal last year this time was to qualify for Boston at the OKC Marathon. It's the only marathon I have ever run. I did it and qualified (juuust barely!!). I've run quite a few trail ultra distances now and lots of little 5k-15ks on road over the years, but the marathon is daunting to me. It's a weird distance for me and an awkward challenge. It's all road and long, but not ultra long and not on trail or undulating, hilly dirt roads. I've kinda ignored… Continue

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Bend..don't break

Decided my run today would be out at Western Hills.  Lots of small rolling hills and pretty scenery to distract me from being nervous about how hard I anticipated today's speed intervals were gonna be. I'd be running near 90 minutes before ever starting the speed work.  I also knew my legs were already a little tired from a busier running week.  What I do know about Western Hills is that there are plenty of bathrooms in case Avery's stomach bug decided to take hold of me.  That was comforting.… Continue

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