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World's highest hill

1,999 feet I believe... Cavanall hill


Oklahoma's claim to the World's Highest Hill.  Today's plan was to fuel better, pre run and during to try and have better through run stamina and be able to get into zone 4b for most of the climbing.   I don't do particularly well with pre run fueling...thought I was going big with a serving or little…


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And my legs were like..."Hey!...I thought we were done!"

Got to get out for a group long run yesterday. Invited by friends for a 15 mile trail run a couple hours from home along the Buffalo River. With a sunrise like that, I knew it was going to be a good day!    

We left a vehicle at the start and finish, an 11 mile stretch. The plan was to go…


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1 mile test...You can breathe Paul..the race is still on!

Ok, Paul Weeks….you can breathe...I didn’t go sub 6:00 on this one, but it was a good test...I think. 

 The result today? 6:35. The game is still on brother! I was more satisfied with this test than any other i’ve done. I was definitely equally as nervous in the…


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I'm thinking...I'm thinking...oh dear there she goes again.

Thinking about training after reading different posts and thinking back to my training and racing over the past couple years....A lot of people think "THE race...THE event" is the hardest part. One thing has always struck me at the end of the season. The training, was the ultimate ultra.  Whether you be training for a 5k PR or a 100 miler...the week after week, run after run…


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20 miles please, and I'll take a few hills on the side..oh and track work for desert

I hit the trails yesterday for my long run...20 miles. Energy level pre run was really good despite knowing my legs were likely to be a little tired, and should be for where I am at in training cycle. One of the things I am learning and need to learn is how to run on tired legs, how to manage my effort. It’s always easy to have a good mind set on long…


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Boy this morning tested me. 4: 45 am run. 7 mi with 8x400 speed intervals followed by 2X 200 speedier intervals in -3 windchill blowing snow. It was tough and I wanted it to be easier, but very pleased with results #feelinglikeachamp

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I did not want to run!

The weather was not cooperating nicely at all. 31 degrees and sleeting heavily. I had good excuses not to run. The roads were not in good shape, schools were closed, smart people were staying inside and running on treadmills. Coach would understand. I headed out. drove slowly to the preserve and veeery reluctantly got out of the car. I decided, "don't think, just do". My thoughts were filled with reasons not to go. I made sure I had everything I would need to be safe, warm, dry and…


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First up this year is Cruel Jewel. Questions floating in my brain...are my legs REALLY gonna be able to do this whole series? I've never climbed 17,000ft in one race...in 56 miles to be exact. Am I gonna be crying with my tail between my legs after the very first race? I am terrified and excited....and terrified!  I don't feel like I need any answers. They won't come anyway, so why spend the energy trying to figure  what the outcome will be. There's no way to tell.  And I love that. So, like…


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