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Hill repeats at Hobbs

I love this place...sweet, only mildly technical trail at times, and fairly long stretches of what you see here.

On today's agenda was 5 minute hill repeats getting into zone 4a to 5a, and making sure to hit 5a by the end. Coffee and my favorite fruit, kale and egg protein smoothie in, I made the hour and a half drive to Hobbs State Park for today's adventure. My new work schedule with rotating shifts offered me 3 weekdays off this week...penance will be paid…


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Go Short, Go Long 10k race report...It didn't MEAN anything!

"What if you striped away the need to know and the need for "meaning"'- Eric's comment on his blog post Today's Thoughts On Real Performance. Timely conversation. Those words, and comments by others rattled around in my brain yesterday and early this morning as I started to think about the race.  I tend to stress out more about the 5k - 10k races than the ultra distances...the farther the race the less "fear" I have. 5k and 10ks are so raw. For me it's a really stripped down way of assessing…


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Ouachita Trail Switchbacks 25/50k race report...

This one was a blast!  ….mostly because I wasn’t running it! Ha!  Kidding aside, I did really want to run this race...but... I was gonna get the best of both worlds. I would get to run some of the course, work the aid station with my kiddos, and cheer on other runners and enjoy the fact that their suffering was not mine! Muahhahaha.

This is a rugged, rugged course. Rocks and roots and leaves everywhere. Plenty of climbing and descending as well.…


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When Jeff sent out a call for anyone to join him on a expedition to shoot some pics of a waterfall, he had hoped would be frozen, I was in! I’ve seen some of his work, he takes amazing pictures in amazing places. Fortunately, I happened to be off work on Friday, and fortunately, I needed a good trail run. Luck was on my side. My only request was that he would point me to a good “hilly” trail. He wanted to get the pics at sunup which meant a 3am alarm...small price to pay.…


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What is a skyrunner?

Skyrunner = Runs distance + vertical. Circumstances changed. I didn't make Tahoe 200, Western States 100, Wasatch 100.  My luck sucks...or is awesome, depending on how one looks at it. These "no's" made

 me question what I really want to do. What REALLY charges me as a runner?  Well, I wanna be a skyrunner! Picking tahoe 200 and Tor  Des geants is evidence of…


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Holy cow, my feet are weak!

Well I'll be darned!   Man howdy, I have been on the strength program! Doing the upper and lower body circuit straight out of the CI book even some advanced moves....exceeept for the balance sequence. You know the very first foot exercises?  I thought since I have been training with Eric now for a couple of years, I was far beyond the simple balance exercises....I mean, I 

did those 2 years ago...I can do leg lifts on the balance board now and fitball lunges and pistols and…


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Just one more #$%^ing 200 sprint!

That was my thought on number 8 of my 8 x 200meter sprints. Holy sheeshums those were tough! As usual very nervous prior to speedwork this morning. The warm-up was all about thinking about the speedwork to come. I did 6 x 200 at the same pace last week and struggled, so I was worried there was no way I was going to be able to do 8. And of course those thoughts..."well if you…


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Speed work along the Arkansas River

Got the to treat myself to a run the Riverparks paved trails along the banks of the Arkansas river in Tulsa. This is a great place do do speed work. Flat smooth trails that go forever along the river. Lots of runners and bikers along the way. Often I never see anyone on my trail runs.  Lots of nods and…


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Oh @#$! I'm going to run 200 miles...at once!

First trail run of 2014!  ..and it hit! ...I WILL be running a 200 mile mountain race this year!  either Tahoe 200 or Tor Des Geants. This has already spurred me to think a little different about training and paying attention to different things as I run trails. Normally, I look at my long trail run for the day and base my effort on how long THAT run is. I often treat my long runs like races, “Ok how fast can I go in that amount…


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