Does anyone have useful information or web links regarding recovery from a stress fracture? I was just diagnosed on Wednesday, and it's killing me to just lay around. I need to figure out the best and fastest way of recovering. I'd eat a frog if I thought it would help. Thanks,  Joe

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Time off, unfortunately is usually the best AND QUICKEST means of recovery.  Depending where your fracture is, you might look to pool running or cycling as a good alternative right now.  But you will get into trouble if you are not patient and come back too soon.  

This ultimately will create more time off having to always back off to rest it again.  These will linger if you do not honor the time needed - especially if you have not taken a break this season.

Not sure where you are located, but this time of year is a great time to take a break anyway and rejuvenate and develop goals for 2014.  You WILL come back stronger - again especially if you have not taken a break in a while.  2-3 weeks can go a long way.

Hope this helps and keep us posted - E

Thanks Eric. It's in my ankle. I tried rowing on my erg Tuesday to test it and that didn't help the situation. I was thinking of lap swimming this weekend, but maybe I'll switch gears and try pool running. I knew I was in an over-trained situation, leading up to the run that caused it (this past Saturday), not by resting heart rate, I just had a gut feeling. Thanks again.

Joe- I second what Eric said. I had a stress fracture in my foot back in July. I initially anticipated 4-6 weeks off, and it ended up being 10 weeks. I thought I would go crazy!! I used cycling to try to keep up my fitness. But I have had NO problems since returning to running and I attribute it to following doctor's orders. Best of luck to you!

And one other thing. I remember being told NOT to take Motrin- somehow it impedes the bone's healing process. 



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