The weather here has turned cold/snowy so I'm looking for alternatives for the foot strength portion of my runs. I have Vibrams. Can I opt to do just the foot strength exercises instead of the running? Should I run on a treadmill? 

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I am new to Cool Impossible and am certainly not a coach.  Just sharing what I am doing.

I am not running at all and am doing the foot strength circuit most days and the upper body core strength circuit four times a week (well, I just started all of this a week ago).  While it is cold and snowy here the primary reason I am not running is an attempt to get rid of plantar fasciitis.  While certainly no substitute conditioning-wise compared to running, it sure seems like keeping up the strength training would be good.  I think it is doing good things for me while I am not running.

Treadmill?  Probably fine as a way to get by until the weather lets up.

If you havn't the correct gear to run outside, use it to your advantage, do the foot strength & fitball exercises, walk around indoors with no shoes, be creative. And yes if you have access to a treadmill go for it.

Hi Mindy

I think winter can be the best time to work on strength running outside, as the snow adds some resistance and it feels more like an adventure.  So I would suggest you try some snow runs.  As Robert mentioned, just learning how to dress appropriately is the key and takes some trial an error to not over or under dress for the cold.

If snow conditions are dry and not too wet this can also be a great time to run in Vibrams, to continue to build strength - just like running on sand, but in cold temps.

So give it a try, make it an adventure and run some place new.


Maybe I wasn't clear in my initial post and I'm not trying to sound bossy here: I don't want to run in the snow in just my Vibrams. (That probably sounds wimpy more than anything.) Is it ok to do the barefoot/Vibram portion of my plan on the treadmill or skip it and just do the wobble board exercises? 

Reading this is sounds like I'm being anal and just need to shut up and go do what I can. 

And yes, I'll adventure out in the snow. I've got snowshoes and we just got dumped on yesterday. 

Thanks, all.

Anal = detailed = performance

I think you could skip the runs right now and really focus on the exercises on the boards.  Maybe look to increase difficulty/challenge right now and then when Spring hits you can go back to a balance of strength runs and exercises.

But with this, I would try to use the Vibrams out in the snow.  They are great for this as long as the snow is dry and not wet.  

I went out for my Phase I, Week 6 4 X 5' workout yesterday evening. The pavement was too slick to do my HRZ 5 repeats safely, so I tried out your snow run. Wow! What a great workout, Eric. I did the repeats in about 2 inches of snow on park turf, just kind of plotting a course as I went, and buy I could feel it in my hamstrings and quads! I ended up getting a super workout while not injuring myself. I'll be doing this again in the future when the weather warrants.

For some motivation, here was my run last week in -24 F degree weather.

On a side note, what kind of head lamp do you use? I don't mind getting out in the cold and snow, but even with my current headlamp, I often feel like I'm running blind in the dark. 

This headlamp is an old Petzl Tikka XP that I love for shorter runs.

My long run on Sunday was in sunny and 87 F degree weather.  I was wishing for some cooler weather, but I think -24 F may be overdoing it!

-1 here in SW Virginia. Here's my copcat photo. 

Got my wish: this morning in central Florida was 38 F (feels like temperature was 30 F from the wind chill)


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