Hi, I just finished week 7 phase 1 of the training plan and a couple weeks ago my toes started hurting on runs.  It's mostly my second toe, next to the big toe. It's starting to hurt even before I hit mile 2!  And by the end of a long run, it kills. Is there something I'm doing wrong?  It hurts both in huarches and Innov-8's, but it didn't seem to hurt when I ran 3 miles barefoot on cement. Also, should my mid foot be sore and tight - is that just a result of running?  Thanks.

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You might have neuroma.  I had pain similar to that many years ago when I first tried to transition to minimalist running.  I did too much of a transition too soon and after a few months of minimalist running the pain started.  Might want to ease off on the mileage and cross train.

oh really? What did you do when you had it?

I stopped running for about a week and a half and did the elliptical instead.  And then when I did get back to running I put my Vibram Five Fingers aside and ran in the Altra Zero Drop shoes because those had a wide toe box and had more cushioning, and even then I kept the mileage low for about a month.  The wide toe box of the Altras took the pressure off the nerves located between my second and third toes.


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