I have a question.  In TCI it says when you've mastered the slant board it's time to move up to the stability disc.  I've been using the slant board for a year now with tremendous results.  But I can't make it past a few seconds with one pole let alone no poles.  What does Eric mean here?  If mastering means no poles it will be a long time.  As I have made very little progress doing this.  How long has it taken you folks out there?  The workouts carried me to 9 PR's last year and I feel I haven't peaked yet. Any input would be greatly appreciated.   Bill  

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Which exercises are you trying to get to "no poles" with? Should just be stance positions (front, uhill, dhill), to be able to balance, not the exercises. The exercises are all supposed to be done with poles. Even if you are not able to do balance in the stance positions without poles for 1 minute, I would suspect with what you have done thus far you are ready to incorporate the stability disc. It WILL seem very difficult at first but a fun challenge. 

 The big three.  Actually I can make it 15 seconds or so, but not consistently.  Thank you for your input you're very inspiring.  

Hey Bill - I thing you are definitely ready to step up to the disk.  You never want to completely abandon the slant board, but I would begin to work on the disk: squats, rotations, and the lunge sequence.  The Disk Lunge is probably the most difficult and technically advance strength exercise in the program, so give it a go.

You could then do your slant board work before your runs as a great activation warm-up or as a warm-up for the disk work.  Keep changing it up and get creative to keep it challenging and motivating.

All of this is so potent and the performance gains are so dramatic with consistency.

As always - keep us posted.


Forgot to add: keep working on the one pole slant board balance.  And fool around with what hand you hold the pole, as one will be easier than the other.

To improve, do several reps of the 15 seconds, then go to two poles after for endurance.  OR, use two poles, and lift one off every few seconds to help you get more time spend with one pole.

Coaching Point: when going to one pole or no poles, it is OK to fight for your balance.  When using two poles, you are not challenged as much with balance, so again, contort your body and use your body to balance.  Do not try to be rigid and upright when trying to get balanced.

AND, have the mindset to balance with your feet not so much with your body.

When I am balancing with no poles, sometimes I look like I am on a slack line, really fighting to balance.  Try try to be relaxed and as alright as possible, but sometimes you need to move your body in all directions to maintain balance.

Hope this helps and sounds like this would be a good video for me to make explaining this.


I just received my Strength Bundle 2.  I watched the video and all I can say is wow.  It is good to see Jeff and Michelle struggling for balance too.  I gave it a brief go with no poles on carpeting and it is a little easier that way.  I'm  looking forward to all the new gains in fitness and equilibrium.  Really fast delivery also.  Thank you


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