Dear Runners,

I have been running for 6 months and completed the two Orton packages "Peak Running for Non-Racer" and "Endurance" training. I do not want to run races, but I would like to be able to train to run further. Which package should I get next, or should I repeat the Endurance program?

My thanks for any thoughts!


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Hi Emma,
Thanks for all of your interest in my training plans. One thought would be to do the foundational program in The Cool Impossible, which incorporates HR and speed zones. And will build your long run volume as well.
I would also challenge you to think about doing a race. There is something abiut setting a goal like this that can really enhance your running experience. It is not about being competitive or motivated to race others, but a challenge within yourself. And doing it with others, meeting new people, and the extraordinary things that happen only in this environment. So just a thought.
Hope this helps.

Eric - thank you for this. I appreciate your response and your plans. I have enjoyed them a great deal, especially since I have been injury free. I have decided to purchase the 1/2 marathon and give it a try. I have your book and certainly need to incorporate more strength building into my program. I will revisit that section in the book also. Thank you again for your prompt response and encouragement. Be well - Emma

Great.  If the half plan is not enough for what you need, I think the marathon plan could also work.  (I think the Half Plan might be too similar to the Peak Running for Non-Racers.)  You could just adjust the long run distance to your needs.  Let me know and I can send you a code to get that with just your half marathon purchase. Thanks for all of your interest and support on the site.


Setting a race goal is always good.  Once I discovered a love of running and worked on fixing the many errors in my running form, I fixed my eyes on a trail half marathon.  My only goal was to complete the race within the 3 hour time limit.  That goal forced me to research training plans and to settle on one that had a very gradual build-up in distance over several months.  You may show up to the race by yourself, but there will always be fellow runners to talk with and encourage along the way.


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