Transitioning from heel to forefoot running / Shoe change / Orthotics

I am curious if anyone has transitioned from heel to forefoot running and has input into the best way to do it. In specific, I am moving from running on Asics Kinsei to experimenting with Asics Hyper Gel 4.0 and the Newton (both have much smaller heel height). (Nike Frees did not feel good on my feet). I am building up slowly this time around (my last try, I ran 5 miles on Newton and couldn't run for 3 weeks :-)). I am also doing the foot exercises found on this site, walking barefoot around the house, and using the VFF to walk outside when possible. 
In moving from one shoe to the other and developing a more natural unrestricted foot movement I am curious of what to do with my Lynco inserts that fill the space under the arch of my feet in the shoe. Should I continue to use it until I am a more proficient forefoot runner? or remove it now to get my body used to the new running form without the support?
When I ran with the Newton + the Lynco inserts - the outside of my calves were wrecked.. Now I am trying to go without the inserts on both the Hyper Gel 4.0 and the Newton, but my progress is very slow to come. I start most of my runs with a 3-4 minute barefoot run to work on my feet.
Any ideas for me?

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