Threshhold Heart Rate- Up, Down, What Does it Mean?

I recently took the Threshhold heart rate test in the middle of the Half plan. 

Is it good for the HR to drop or raise? Does a lower HR mean my slow is even slower but now I get to my fast faster? 

I'm possibly obsessing over a very little change. I suppose if anything, I can re-take the test. 

I'm open to any thoughts. Thanks

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I've taken HR threshhold tests many times over the past several years. My threshhold HR has stayed fairly static, within a few bpm. If you are fairly fit each time you do the test, your threshhold should not vary appreciably. You will get faster at your threshhold, but your threshhold HR should not vary by more than a few beats. Most of the variation comes from being unfamiliar in performing these tests, when you first start doing them. I personally wouldn't stress if it was a few bpm different from the last test. 


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