Thank you Eric Orton.  Five months after reading TCI and beginning the foot and leg exercise (slant board) and two months after switching to minimalist shoes I completed my first 100 miler The Indiana Trail 100 in 25:14 and some change.  We were fortunate to have perfect weather and trail conditions.  Along the way I pr'd my fifty mile time and pr'd my 24 hr distance.  Having come off of a knee injury that side lined me for a lot of 2013 I can't be any more pleased with how I feel right now.  Your work outs have made a new me.  I've been telling many many people about TCI whether they are runners or not. I'll try and add some pictures later as I get them.  Thank you again 

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Congrats Bill.  Always nice to PR at your half way point distance - a nice 'pick me up' for the next 50 miles.  So it was a PR hat trick!!  Pretty cool and thanks for sharing this - made my day hearing this.

Look forward to those pics and thanks for spreading the word and being open to a new way of thinking.


Eric  now that I have this one done and we are out of a heavy winter I plan on purchasing TCI and getting onto your run plan.  Up till now I've been doing my own thing.  You're gifted.

Well done fella!!!!!


KUDOS Bill, congratulations!

Congratulations! So glad for for you!

Here are some pictures of the Indiana Trail 100.  The young people pacing me are my grandchildren.

Great pics! Congrats again!
Congrats on the run! Great pics and great support you have from your family! Hopefully your grand kids catch the running bug and follow in your footsteps.

My three year old grandson loves running.  He did his first 1 mile fun run at age 2.  Last year when he turned three he wanted grampa to run with him.  My son coached him to say "you better keep up old man".  To which I replied you better keep up young man.  He's going to try a 5K in a couple of weeks.

I must not have read that quite right. 3 years old and doing a 5k? That's amazing! He could provide a lot of inspiration to many people. Your son teaching him that is hilarious.
I just read about the 10 year old who finished his half marathon in 1:37. Kids nowadays truly are amazing.


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