Hi everyone, could I have your opinion on the following ?
Up til now, whenever I did either a mile test or heartrate test, I purposely did not monitor my speed or heartrate during the run, considering that that would be some form of ´cheating'. Now I am wondering if monitoring my speed during the mile test might not help me avoid falling into a comfortable, slow speed. What do you do ? Thanks.

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Run by feel and effort for a mile test rather than looking at watch.
I have done it both ways, I prefer to collect the data, but I don't look at my watch until I'm done. It distracts me and triggers me to judge my effort and usually has a negative impact. I usually focus pretty hard on putting my max effort in on the one mile test. usually I'm continually asking myself during the test, "can I sustain this effort?" and "can I go any faster?" And i adjust my effort up ordown based on those questions. when I am honest and adjust accordingly, no matter what the result time/hr is, I know it is accurate for where I am at....and it has borne out time and again in training weeks that follow.

Totally agree.  Now you have some knowledge to use when testing.  This might help you not only challenge yourself BUT also help you to not start out TOO fast and fade at the end.

Thanks everyone for your advice.

Testing week coming up soon (can't believe I'm in week 18 !)

Hi Carolynn

I'm currently in week 6 of phase one, so I can only offer my opinion on the first set, but in thinking about it now I think I will keep the same philosophy and that is:

1 mile test - I ran as hard and fast as I could, bearing in mind throughout the total time my effort,energy does vary. I only concentrated on the distance.

Heart rate test - I ran a steady and high pace as I thought, and only monitored the lapsed time to hit the 20 minute target.   



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