Hi - I live in an area of the country where it's going to be cold for the next two months, but isn't usually particularly snowy. I've been running outside all year, and feel pretty confident in my current gear. 

However, I know that the cold weather can affect HR and speed. Should I do my tests (20 min. run/1 mile run) on an indoor track, to get a more accurate HR? Or should I stick to working outside, since those will be my actual conditions for the next couple of months? 

Thanks for any input! 

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I'll be interested to see what Eric has to say about this, but I tend to do my tests in the conditions I will be training in. An indoor track will skew your results a bit too in that you won't have the wind resistance you would outside.

HI Molly - great question.  I would perform your tests wherever you will be doing most of your runs. So if you typically have cold but dry conditions with GOOD traction, I would do the tests outside.  Yes, your HR/speed might be a little lower, but it is all relative and consistent right now.  Then when things warm-up, I would test again with the new temps.

How cold is cold?

Hi Eric - Sounds great! (And I am really excited to get started.) Although I think I jinxed myself when I said we didn't get much snow; we got about 8 inches last night/today...

Cold is between 5-15 degrees F. 



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