Well this has been fun.  I had some relatively strong knee pain on the right knee starting about three weeks ago.  The doctor thought it was lower hamstring/tendon tears just below the knee cap with an outside possibility of meniscus damage.  Nothing on XRay and no needles until he knows for sure.   We get a MRI of the knee.

In the week that I am waiting to review with the ortho, my left ankle starts hurting like crazy.  Hobble into the office and he informs me a series of stress fractures were found on the top of my right tibia.  He checks my left ankle and begins to focus on the bottom edge of the tibia and I am off the table in pain.  Office XRay shows a shadow of a likely fracture.  MRI tonight to get a better picture.  I am in an immobilizer/air boot on the left foot walking on a fractured right leg. 

Safe to say, my 8k this weekend is off and the 1/2 marathon in November is highly unlikely as well. 

We are testing for Vitaman D deficiency and the next step may be going back to a shoe with a bit more padding for a while once I do get back on the road.  His statement was it's not uncommon to see the right knee stress fractures in distance runners (I am still at/below 5 miles per day) but to have so much in this amount of time was surprising.  Too many miles with Merrell trail gloves? 

Irony: I came home last night with my boot.  UPS shows up an hour later with my new Saucony Fastwitch 5s.  They look really good in the box. 

Anyone else with similar issues in the past?

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Hey Jimm, don't really have any pearls of wisdom to offer, just to say that sounds like it sucks big balls and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Hey Ben.  I had a similar reaction.  I am just looking forward to at least getting back in the pool soon. 


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