Do you have any recommendations for strength training and running with uneven legs
I was apparently born with uneven leg lengths, which is around 1.5cms. I have had a orthodic with a lift in my left leg (shorter leg) but have started to do more strengthening and have removed the orthodics, to transition to more natural running. Anyone had experience with this?
Past injury while wearing orthodics is sinus tarsi in this left foot and sometimes when lift is not in my right knee sometimes gets sore when running.
Cheers for any tips,

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HI Matt,

Interesting problem and one I am not really educated on. However just thought I would share a few thoughts.

Have you given the exercises in Erics books a go? They are really helped me with glute activation and stability of the hips which have helped remove my knee issues.

 I did a little research on different leg lengths and was wondering how do they measure it as it seem quite a small difference.


Train With Eric

Foot Core

The Cool Impossible by Eric Orton

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