Hi Everybody, 

I quit smoking 4 months ago and since then i have an enormous urge to run! I bought Eric's book read it all and worked on performance running transition. 

Now I'm ready to start with the Phase 1 of the strategic running foundation program and i would love to have a big calendar/poster/weekly table kinda thing... but i don't seem to be able to find the best way to do it! Any ideas or samples? It is much easier for me to visualize that way!

thank you so much, 

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Keeping a training log can be very motivational. I go the technological route and use the Training Peaks web app to manage my training program. If you use a GPS watch and heart rate monitor, the app gets pretty powerful.

Hi Jeffrey, 

Thank you so much for you answer. I've just started using a GPS/heart rate monitor watch so i am definitely going to check out Training peaks!!!

Hi Augusto, it can also be very useful to keep a simple running diary, just pen and paper to record not only the mechanics of your run but your feelings, thoughts and fears. In this way patterns, sequences, cause and effects crystallise before your eyes helping you to adapt, adopt and improve. You can make your diary as detailed as you like or as simple as you like but you will soon realise whats important for you and to you to record.

Recording your journey this way is also very motivating as you can compare regular or similar runs and see your improvement.

Good luck, keep us posted on your progress

Love it! Congrats! Developing a calendar is a great way to visualize....and hold you accountable. I just simply have my daily workouts posted on my calendar and I think the most important thing is to put the results....how far, how long, how I felt. Give yourself that feedback so you can, 1) hold yourself accountable and 2) learn from your experience..what worked, what didn't...you'll see a pattern you can learn and develop improvements on.  You can use any calendar app, like google calendar or yahoo calendar, then print it off if you like to have it posted somewhere, but using the computer will give you opportunity to easily document your training experiences...I also include nutrition....sometimes my runs are affected by what I ate before, the night before or what I consumed during a run...gels, electrolytes, etc.  The other BIG thing I would recommend...set a goal race...not necessarily to "race" in the tradition sense, but a goal event to work toward....AND...put it ON your calendar

Aaaaaaand......Keep us posted on your progress, ups and downs!! It will inspire others

Thank you all for your information ideas and support!

I am starting to work in a calendar. I will keep you all posted!!!/p>

Thanks a lot for being such awesome community!!



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