A while ago, there was a bit of discussion about ways to encourage the Cool Impossible community and a random thought I had a few days ago brought a possible idea to mind - what about an app to supplement the strategic running foundation training schedule?

I can envisage a few features:

  • Right from the app store, it could be billed as 'to support the training program in The Cool Impossible' etc, so that people know it isn't a stand-alone thing (unless it could be too...?) and go buy the book!
  • Calendar views to see what's coming up, with the ability to manually alter where you are in the program (for repeating weeks etc), but also a 'today's run' screen to bring up what's in store.
  • After the initial run-testing, I'm guessing it would be straightforward to have your individual HRZ and SPZ figures appear in the program, for easy reference.
  • During each run, maybe Eric's dulcit tones to tell you where you are in the plan and offer instructions ("ok slow down to HRZ 1 in 3...2...1"). If anyone else's memory during runs for what they'd planned to do is as bad as mine was, this could be a big help! Maybe even with other "you're doing well"s from Eric for encouragement haha
  • I guess it could also potentially actually record the run if it could include GPS capabilities? Exportable as a standard route file for import to... wherever.You could make notes on each run for posterity.
  • Social aspects could be on there too - plus maybe an auto-poster to a dedicated section of the CI site?

I'm thinking there are probably lots of other good ideas that could be included, what do you reckon? Just to reiterate, I'm not seeing that kind of thing as an e-replacement for the SRF section of the book, definitely more of a complement to it.

What do y'all reckon?

- Ben

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Ben great idea and it could also;

Be away to capture a larger audience by being exposed to a completely different demographic not farmilar with Eric & TCI. 

Be purchased with the book as an accessory.

Be sold by Eric on this site.

Be sold by the App store.

Be purchased with Eric's running programs.

Be a lead into and/or advertising for TCI, (book or ebook)

What do you think?

I'm just starting the program and think this would be an awesome tool!


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