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I would love to get your feedback on sparkling water.  Any experts out there who can chime in and give some insight on the pros and cons of non-caloric/no sugar sparking water.  In the limited research I have done, I have found conflicting opinions.  What do you know?  Would love to hear all of your opinions and knowledge on this stuff.


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I drink a lot of sparkling mineral water when I am not running, and like Sanja, I love San Pellegrino. I have never drunk it during a run though, having always stuck to still water - no particular reason why and interesting that it should make no difference.

BTW, I don't drink 'sodas', but I do like sparkling water and tonic water.  If you like sparkling water, look at the youtubes and other 'hacks' for making your own with a small CO2 tank and a regulator, a few tubes and adapters. If you buy a tank plus your first load of CO2 for around $50 to $70 you will pretty much have a lifetime supply of fizzy water (or fizzy-anything you want to carbonate) using standard 1 or 2 liter bottles.

I bought a sodastream, which appears to be a pretty good deal until you look at the refills of the CO2 which use a proprietary thread and valve on the CO2 bottle, making it hard, but not impossible to refill on your own.  I really do like it and have recently tried sparkling water on some training runs where I can run loops and return to refuel every 5 mi or so.  I don't take the bottle with me, just drink some at the stop for some variety.  It forces me to drink more because it seems to taste good after after all the other energy stuff I'm eating and drinking.

Back to the Sodastream vs. whatever you can build.  I would recommend building your own complete system for the price of the original Sodastream setup.  You can have 20# of CO2, a regulator, some tubing, a home made cap / adapter for standard soda bottles for the same price and it will last you about 5000 - 10,000 liters of bubbly water.

I'm looking for the youtube I saw that showed what I thought was the best way to build it but not seeing it right now.  Will post it if I find it.


In response to the the pH of sparkling water... CO2 makes carbonic acid in the presence of water (it's why the pH of rain is usually 5-6 and not 7 like one might think) so sparkling water should have a pH of less than 7.  I could test it in my lab where I have plenty of pH paper just feet from me but I don't have any sparkling water on hand!

Sparkling water has a low pH (3-4 according to Wikipedia), but it's going straight to your stomach which has a pH of 1-2 (i.e. 100-1000 x more acidic), so I'm not sure it's something to worry about.

Well I love sparkling water. I drink it everyday. It got me off drinking soda too. On the other hand if I try to drink even a chug before a run I suffer from the worst indigestion and gas? pains for the first couple miles. So I guess I will stick with post run mineral water refreshment. Happy running.


Sitting with a post run bottle of San Pellegrino. pH at source = 7.7

I usually get a case of Sparkling Mineral water the month before a race.  I really enjoy it with dinner and feel its mineral content is good for us.

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