Hey folks! With ski season upon us, I’ve broken out my skins and started touring. However, I’m not sure how to account for tours (or a cycling session) within my run training.
How have you best accounted for it? Do you supplement running with other activities or keep running at the same level as the cool impossible recommends, and work the other activities in around it?

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Last year I was planning on substituting skiing for some of my runs, but ended up stopping running entirely because of shin splints so they could heal. So I skiied pretty much 100% of the time during the winter months.

This winter I'm making better progress with my run form (and shin splints, yay) so my plan is to keep running at least 2-3 times a week and ski the other days if there is enough snow(and those ski days would replace scheduled running and be similar in HR zones/duration/etc). I'm pretty sure I'd read here that you could substitute some skiing for runs in a training plan.

I wouldn't just ad the skiing on top of the scheduled running because your training load could get really high otherwise! 


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