I recently bought a new pair of nike frees from a local running store, and after taking them on one run, I hated them -- I couldn't feel the ground at all -- but the store wouldn't take the shoes back because I took them for a three-mile run. Anybody have a good, cheap, zero-drop alternative that's worked well for them?  I may be able to get some more miles out of my old flyknits, but last time I upped my mileage, I started getting blisters.  I think my feet have grown a bit.


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I've got 900+ miles now on my VFF KMD Sport.  They work great for me for distances up to 10K.  Might not be cheap though, but well worth the investment for me.

Thanks for the tip! I will consider those for sure.

Hey Colton, have you run in Altras? Check the levels of cushioning- there are several choices.

No I haven't, but I'll check them out! Since I can't return the Nikes I think I am going to just use them until they're done.  I will look at Altras when it gets closer to time to get a new pair.

If you want a truly minimal shoe that isn't Vibram Five Fingers style shoe, consider a shoe from Vivo Barefoot: https://www.vivobarefoot.com/

If you're looking for zero drop but some cushioning, take a look at the Topo Athletic ST-2: http://shop.topoathletic.com/mens/run.html?colorid=2842&model=ST-2


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