I am totally inspired by a story I am busy with now a book- Born to run. So Fanstastic. I got back on running. With different attitude. I have no shoes. Just unknown brand sneakers. Just wondering... Thinking to buy shoes from ebay. I do practice few times a week. 5km per run. We are going to do forest run on 20th August. Just 5 Km. I am just wondering. Which shoe I should get? Thought of getting old Nike. Pegassus maybe. Any ideas?

From those sneakers I ve notice I start to suffer from pain- front side of my leg. Just on top of my ankle area. Want to solve that...

Thank you very much.

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I'm thinking of getting a pair of these:


They look amazing and have a 5,000 mile warranty in the soles!!! That is f$&@king unbelievable for the price.

This company also makes a modern pair of huaraches- sandals similar to what the Tarahumara use.

At the moment I have a pair of these:


They awesome!! Never thought I would ever buy such a strange pair of shoes, but once I tried them on I was hooked!!!

Good luck.

Thank you, it looks good. But you know I am not this kind of guy who beleives I am gonna buy those shoes and I will become better runner. No.

Ok let me formulate my questions differently. Nike has produced so many shoes so far. That I beleive 90% of them sucks!

I dont wanna buy new shoes. I love to run... I dont do it to compite, but to enjoy, I am just curious. But with my actuall shoes which I would take to walk through the city with my wife, I start to feel pain when I run in them.

My question is.  Which nike shoes you guys, can recommend to me? I would get them from ebay.

thank a lot.

You're reading Born To Run right? Have you gotten to the part where he talks about how Nike is essentially just out for profit now? He basically vilifies Nike in the book!!!

You want my opinion: you'd be crazy to buy a pair of Nike. The people that design them don't understand the basic principles of how the human body works. They design them based on how they look and the latest trend.

If you really want to get Nike then I think it is for some other reason than to have shoes that a healthy for your feet: you want trendy shoes.

If you still insist on getting Nike then my suggestion would be to get either:

- Zero drop shoes (no heel)
- Minimalist shoes

I know Nike make a minimalist shoes but i don't know the name. They started making it when they saw that minimalist running was becoming trendy. See, they only care about profits.

My first suggestion is still to get one of the two brands I first suggested. You won't regret it

Yeah I agree. At some point in the book Author mentioned, that he bought nike pegassus and started his training program with using them. Becuase hose shoes were well done and his condition was not safe to start barefoot running. Thats why I did come up with buying nike.

Now I changed. I would not buy it.

Nice suggestion, thank you for sharing, just pitty? that is impossible to find those shoes from ,,second hand,, dont want to invest so much money. before I have even started to run from different prespective after I read this book, I m standing on the beginning now...



 Those two shoes I have at home as an option for forest run scheduled for 20th August. I want to give myself time to invest in proper runnnig shoes, and do not want to buy new one, Dont have enough money.Untill 20th I am not going to make it.

which you guys would pick? Thank you.

found following shoes. Could you guys please help me to chose, what do you think?



five fingers

thank you

If you are using eBay, you might try and find some old Nike Free 3.0.  They were great back then.  Also, Altra make a good light weight road shoe that is zero drop.  They fit best with those with wide feet.

I recommend the Topo ST-2 road shoe:


They are zero-drop and somewhat minimal but yet still with some cushion.

Agree. I wore the trail shoes a few summers ago and really enjoyed the fit and protection. I have a narrow foot, so they tended to be a little sloppy on technical terrain.
I need to try their road shoe.


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