Hi Everyone!  About 4 months ago I transitioned to zero drop shoes.  I am currently running in Runventure 2 for trail (very light with minimal cushion, 19mm) and Magnifly 2 (more cushion for everyday road miles 25mm).  Both shoes are from Topo Athletic and I have been enjoying the ride so far.  I really like the shape of their shoes for my feet.  Specifically the space I have in the toe box but it also seems to hold my heel and top of my foot really well.  Topo just came out with a new trail shoe called Terraventure 2 and it looks awesome.  A little more cushion than the Runventure at 22mm forefoot and 25mm in the heel.  It looks like it is a better winter shoe with a more rugged outsole and deeper lugs with more spacing vs the Runventure.  I guess my question is whether a 3mm drop really matters much vs zero drop?  I am guessing there is a reason for doing this but wanted to hear other's opinions.  Thanks in advance for reading and I am looking forward to what others have to say!


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Hi Markham,

Great post and glad you are liking the TOPO. In my experience there is not really much difference between zero drop and 3mm.  I use mostly a 4mm drop, and depending on the shoe, this can feel more zero drop and some high platform zero drop shoes.

So I think you are fine. Just keep in mind the high profile you go, the more you loose feel for the ground and natural stability. I have found that sometimes (shoe dependent) having a more natural feel and flexible mid/outsole with a 4-6mm drop is better than a zero drop shoe that has a high platform and lots of cushion.

Hope this helps and since I am so slow to get back to you, I imagine you have had some time to try the new TOPO - How do you like it?

Hey Eric, Happy New Year and thanks for the response.  I got the shoes and really do like them.  I have done a couple of trail races in them, one in somewhat wet conditions and felt really stable.    One thing that I notice in these shoes vs others is how confident I feel coming downhill and allowing gravity to help push the pace.  I feel like I have a lot of control with these shoes.  Really liking Topo right now.

That is great to know. I might need to try them. I am hooked on Salomon because of how lite they are and how great they fit. I hope to be doing more shoe reviews in 2019, so maybe a good time to try TOPO.

Thanks for the report.

Hi Eric, I would love to hear your opinion regarding a conversation I was having with someone regarding this shoe.  She recommended I use something different for an upcoming 50k (my first 50k).  I have used this shoe for races/training runs up to 15 miles, but nothing longer yet.  So far I have not had any issues running these distances.  Her concern is that I wouldn't have the support in this shoe for the second half of the race.  I have relatively flat feet and over pronate so she recommended that I use more of a stability shoe for a longer race like the Hoka Speedgoat.  I continue to work on foot strength, but not sure if that will solve these issues.  Just curious if you have any thoughts on this.  Side note...I used to run in Hokas and when I was transitioning to Topo I would switch back and forth and honestly didn't like how my feet felt in the Hoka after experiencing the wider toe box in the Topos.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


I think you answered your own question. Not sure when your 50k is, but I would HIGHLY suggest you stick with what feels good and build your long run miles in those TOPO's.  As soon as you start adding stability and higher platforms and more cushion, your body looses its natural line of stability (feet), which can create great disfunction and muscle imbalances.

Since this is your first 50k you are in the perfect position, to build your distance with your shoes.

And The Cool Impossible foot strength will add to this and be a potent combo, so keep that up as well.

Be patient and do it properly. Most runners do not have the patience and there fore do not realize or experience how good you can feel with muscles that are in balance.

Hope this helps.



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