Hi Eric

Could you please tell me what the angle of your slant board is as when I went to order it the shipping costs were $147.00 to Australia, so I will make one or have one made myself.


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Hi Robert
b2r will soon have a center in the UK that will help with shipping costs. Right now everything is shipped out of USA which is why most companies do not even try to help international orders.
Also most any slant board will work and the b2r board is about a 15 degree angle and 17 with the center wobble piece.
A few on here have constructed their own so it might help to touch base with them.

Will do, Thank you for your reply Eric its much appreciated.


Hi Robert, I have a spare one, im in Sydney so can post via Aust post.
As its a spare, its just gathering dust so you're welcome to have it. The slant board is hard work though!!!
Cheers, Laura

Hi Laura

Thank you for the offer, it's incredibly kind of you!

Do you want anything for it?, at least let me pay for the postage.

Cheers Robert


Hi Robert

No worries at all. 

Don't want anything for it, but thank you. (My husband will be happy its not taking up more space in the office!) :) 

I'm sure the postage won't be much. Whats the best postal address (or msg it to me so its not posted on the website, or I can give you my email?) 

I can post it tomorrow. 

Cheers, Laura 


I can give you my email address if you wish or my P.O.Box details.


Po Box details are great, but I think hit "message" and send it that way so its not posted on the main site. Cheers, Laura.

Hi Robert.

Looks like you have a solution but perhaps Eric could look at a distribution centre in APAC, preferably Sydney :-).

I bought the slant board and discs and shoes to justify the shipping costs to myself.

Eric, if you don't want to set up a distribution centre, perhaps you could find a friendly member or small warehouse who would hold your stock in APAC for you.  A few boards and discs don't take up much space.  Unfortunately shoes might be harder to stock given volume per size.

Eric, you seem to have a growing global following.  Time to think global and achieve you cool impossible of someone running in every household.


Hi Ross

I don't know what Eric's business model is but the UK is closser to a lot more people and from a busines stand point, to me, makes more sense to have it there. If Wiggle, and Chain Reaction are anything to go by, any purchase over AU$85.00 gets free postage to Australia anyway.

Thanks for the reply



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