Seek assistance obtaining Slant board and Stability disk

Hi! I live in Bangalore, India and want to purchase the Stability Disk and Slant Board recommended in CI. I posted a query on the B2R web site many days ago and did not get a response. Can someone help me on this forum? 

I am seeking to purchase a Slant Board and Stability Disk and have it shipped to India to deliver in 10-14 days. No rush. I am happy to buy 2 sets and keep one for someone else in India who will want to try these out. I will of course, pay - online to cover the costs.

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Double A - I will look into this with you and check on B2R shipping costs.  What name would you have used in your B2R query?

Hello Again - B2R is no shipping internationally, so you can go to the link below and click on the Shoppex International purchase link to make your purchase.  This will allow you to see shipping costs as well.  B2R is currently working on a shipment center in Europe, but until this time, Shoppex works great, it just takes a few extra shipping days - so thanks for your patience.

Eric, Thanks for your response. I will try out the Shoppex links that you mention. I sent an email on 1/1/2014 as below from anand at adkoli dot net and did not get a response. FYI

Hi! I live in Bangalore, India and I am interested in procuring the Slant Disk and Stability Disk. Can you ship to India if I pay online?

There is also much interest in Eric’s programs in India. I can stock a few more and volunteer to ship to others locally in India. I am not sure how many requests you get from here. thanks

Double A
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I checked out Shoppex and I don't think it works for me. For the Level 1 Training System ($79.99), it is showing $193.98 for Shipping. I am guessing that this is FedEx or something like that. I can't afford these shipping charges. I will try to find a friend of mine in the US who can send it along to me. Will let you know how it turns out.

Yes, it is very hard to ship internationally and why many US companies do not.  B2R is not letting this stop them and should soon have a Europe shipment center that will help reduce shipping costs.

Hopefully this will be in place n Feb, shortly after the release of the new shoe lines.

Hi Double A, I realise this is a long way off, but I will be travelling to Bangalore in July or August to visit family. If you haven't found a solution to this shipping problem by then I will be happy to take delivery in UK and bring it over for you.

Hi Mark, truly appreciate your offer. I fully expect to find someone by then, but I will let you know. If I can assist with any information or logistics in Bangalore, do let me know (especially, if you are a first-time visitor). I am a long-term resident here.

Yes, July is a long way out. As you suggest, let me know if you need me as a fall-back!

I'm a frequent visitor actually, but I am a *new* runner and I failed to find places to run in Bangalore last year. So your offer of assistance is certainly welcome w.r.t. running.

I stay near Krishna Rao Park in Basavanagudi. That provides for a very short circular run. This time I'm planning to run in Lal Bagh. Any ideas for running locations (in the city and also excursions to hills). Do you train in a particular place?

Mark - thanks so looking to help out with this.  Wish I could make it in July for a group run!!


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