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So I just completed my second marathon a few weeks back, and used the foundation program for a second time to prepare for the race.

I managed a 3:09:58, which was slower than my first marathon of 3:06:48 in January, and a lot slower than my intended sub 3 hour goal.

I felt great for the first half of the race, but possibly went out a bit fast, with a split of 1:28:30. I started a little bit back in the field of 5,000 plus competitors at the Gold Coast Marathon, and maybe ran a little too hard to try and catch the 3 hour pacer.

At the 28km mark, I had been running for just on 2 hours, so I was still on track for the sub 3 hour time, but from about the 30km mark, I was in struggle town. My pace dropped off markedly, and I think it was due to a couple of factors.

The main one I think, is that I'd been training in Melbourne in anywhere from 4oC - 10oC every morning, which for me, was cold. The marathon on the Gold Coast got up to 20oC I think during the race, but the last third had hardly any shade, so it felt extremely hard running in that heat, even though it really wasn't that warm. I just don't think I was acclimatised to it.

I also run in minimalist shoes, New Balance Minimus Zero V2, and I've never had issues with these shoes, and ran my first marathon in them, but the last 10 km's of the race were very hard on the legs, and I'm thinking about trying a zero drop maximalist shoe, like an Altra. Any thoughts on this?

I was also maybe slightly heavy on race day, weighing in at 71kg's, where I think my optimal race weight is closer to 63kg's, so that could have been a factor as well.

My race nutrition felt fine, with a gel every half an hour, but I think I'll try what the pack says, and go for one every 20 mins in the next race.

After crossing the finish line on the day, I was pretty disappointed that I didn't make my sub 3 hour goal, but on reflection, I finished 322 out of about 5,700-ish, and passed about 5 people in the last 4-5 km's who had passed out from dehydration, and were getting medical assistance, so maybe my result wasn't as bad as I thought it was.

I now have about 9 weeks until my hometown race, Melbourne Marathon, and I was wondering about what type of program I should look at, given there is not enough lead time to another foundation program.

If anyone has any thoughts or comments, I'd be happy to hear them.


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Heat is always going to slow things down, I think that was likely the biggest factor, but an amazing time anyway! Congrats!

Hi there Shayne, I have a question for you please. When you say that you did the foundation training as your training, is that all you did? That is, you didn't then do a 'marathon plan' after it? I am nowhere near running a marathon yet, I am aiming for a half marathon in November...I was envisaging doing the foundation plan to whip myself back into shape then a half marathon plan. Do you think that is excessive?

Thanks a lot! 



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