I've had a head cold/cough the last couple of weeks but not bad enough to make me stop running. (I have three kids in a public school....I fully expect to be "sick" half the year!!) But it seems that while I've been sick that my Heart Rate during workouts shoots up with the slightest effort. So for the last week, running in zone 2 feels waaaay too slow. (Currently Phase 1 Week 7) Is this normal? Or do heart rate and head colds have nothing to do with one another? Should I retest my 20 minute run? Kind of confused and could use some advice because I feel like my workouts when I'm running in zone 2 (even the long runs) I'm not working hard enough. 

Any advice or comments would be great! 


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Hi Heather, everything affects your heart rate, and having a cold certainly will. Your body is trying to fight whatever bug you have then you go for a run so this adds to your bodies overall stress and your HR shoots up above normal. I would take a few days off and allow your system to recover, you will get over your cold more quickly with some rest and loose less running days in the long run, excuse the pun.

Hope I've helped

Also consider that most people have the impression of not working hard enough in (magical) HRZ2.
Yep, typically higher HR when fighting a virus, infection. Trust your HR, it's wanting you to slow down right now. No need to re-test.


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