Im currently having trouble charging my Garmin, not sure if it's the lead, connector or the watch itself but sometimes it just won't charge. As a result tonight my watch was totally flat when I went to put it on. As a result I decieded to run my session tonight, WU: 15 min HR zone 1-2, MS:45min in HR zone3, CD HR zone 1, by feel.

I was about 10 min over in total time and I had to guess each of the sessions elements, eg WU, MS & CD duration. During the run I really concentrated on how I felt running, my HR, my breathing and form. By listening to my breathing I tried to judge my, well guess really, my HR, I know I could have taken my pulse but I really wanted to practice running by feel.

Focusing on these elements and their relationship to each other made the session fly hence thats why I think I was out running longer when in fact I thought I was finishing a bit early. The other thing that becomes very clear is why its not always a good thing to run with music as I know if I'd had by iPod I would not have been able to "listen" to my body nearly as well.

I will definately do this again, but next time I'll cover the face of my Garmin so that I capture all the data but at the time I'm forced to run by feel.

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Love this - great awareness and good to do every now and then.  Side note, I love music as much as running, maybe even more, and never run with music.  I feel it really takes me away from the awareness and inner zone feeling I get from running "with myself and my thoughts".  

Robert, try this next time, wear your HR monitor during this kind of run workout, but do not look at it and run by feel just like you did today.  Then, look at data after you are done and see where you were relative to what you were supposed to do.

Another fun awareness practice to employ while out running is to not look at your HR, but try to guess where you are.


garmin tip, try charging it fully, then leave it on until its totally flat, then charge it again, that should sort it out

Great tip Rich

Thanks Rich I'll try it but I do suspect its the lead as the two spring loaded pins that make contact with the watch get stuck "in" and don't make proper contact with the charge pads on the watch.

Having said all that, my wife asked what I wanted for Xmas the other day and off the cuff I said "a new bloody watch" as I was having trouble with it just then. And to cut a long story short yesturday I ordered a new Tom Tom watch with built in HR monitor, no strap!. It has way more features than my current 405 Garmin and as I use a Tom Tom satnav it just so happened there was a deal going for existing customers on their whole range of products. From what I can gather they released there range of sports watches in Australia in July this year and are looking for market share, hence the deals being offered.

They also make a watch for triathletes that you can use on foot, on the bike or in the pool and all in the one training session if you want to, pretty cool. Thanks again for the help Rich

Right now I'm running by feel zones 1-3, it's been fun to run by feel and look at my data post run and see how it fits with how I felt.  It is a great lesson in awareness. 

When you look at your data Lori how different is if from the actual data, running by feel& not instrument fascinates me no end.

I love running by feel and for me its the only way I like to run.

I use different techniques.  Sometimes ill put my mind in my feet for 10mins straight, it will wonder around and be distracted, but i just gently put it back in my feet. Asking myself , how relaxed are they, am i thinking of the contact point or thinking through the ground? Were is the foot contacting? ect The idea is to improve the way the foot is contacting the ground, and the technique of the foot, like Eric says in his book.

Other times , I try to sense where the body is initiating movement , were is the center point of the gentle sway back and forth. I find its initiated from the spine, just in front, and the spine twists ever so slightly both ways. 

You can do this all over the body. Its not unlike meditation in this respect. 

Im not trying to control the movement, or judge the movement, I just try to observe it.

This enable's a sense of "presence". When we are present in the moment in our bodies, time just flys by. I can do a one hour run that feels like 10 mins.

If I'm working on pace training in the gym on a running machine, I cover up the TV screen in front and the time and all the data.  Every now and then Ill look at it to ensure I'm in the right heart zone, if I'm training to a heart rate.

I find music very enjoyable, but not suited for running. It takes me away from feeling my body.

Most runners don’t realize their potential, simply stop getting faster and don’t understand why. The reason is: most runners are unable to run by feel. The best elite runners know that the key to faster running is to hear what their bodies are telling them. After coming through “” I realize that “the Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel will help runners reach their full potential by teaching them how to train in the most personalized and adaptable way”

Agreed.   I have the most basic of heart monitors.  Not interested in the data, half the reason is time to even look at it.  So I just run to the training schedule, half the time if its not a run to heart rate, I won't take the rate monitor at all, and just run to the km/hr rate.



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