I am completing Eric's marathon training program & last night my training consisted of;

WU 20min in zone 1-3 + 5 X 30sec building speed.

MS 8 X 15 sec steep hill repeats with 2-3 min RI.

As where I am working at present in Toowoomba Queensland, steep hills were a bit away & the light was fading so I modified the MS of this session, really enjoying it.

The modified repeats consisted of 10 X 30sec repeats with 1min RI. Once I had established a few metrics, eg, the distance travelled in the 30 second sprint and 1 minute recovery. And once I had established some assemblence of consistency, I switched my watch to HR and tried to attain and maintain the same effort and therefore HR for each repeat, by HR alone.

My goal was to have a maximum HR of 140bpm by the end of the effort and to reduce my HR to 115bpm during the recovery before the next effort.

It was fascinating to see how I could control my effort HR by adjusting my I minute recovery speed until towards the last repeats the accumulated effects of the session required me to walk so as to maintain my effort HR.

I was so engrossed in the "experiment" that I lost count of exactly how many I did but I think it was 13 or 14 finishing in the dark without a head lamp. If it wasn't dark I think I would have continued, I will definitely do this again

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Great experiment ! I too am fascinated by my observations concerning effort and heart rate. Makes me think there are so many things to learn about our bodies.
Hi Carolynn, yes it was very interesting, engrossing & very enjoyable. It's also amazing how may variations there are I'm coming to learn their limitless.
I've also come to realise the relationship to fatigue & how just stiff or sore legs or feet can impact your HR. The lessons seem endless, the more you know the more you realise how much you don't know but that the whole point, I think.
How people can say that running is boring is beyond me.
Best of luck with your journey, keep us posted as you travel your path.


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