Hey Eric,

I am currently training for an ultra Ragnar relay coming up on August 14th. I have been running as a forefoot striker for a few years now, but since starting to train for Ragnar I am running more miles than usual. 

Recently I've developed some posterior shin pain. Google results are calling it Posterior Shin Splints or MTSS. 

I am wondering if you have had any athletes with simliar issues? I had been running all summer without any issues and then one day I felt pain (stupid me I tried to run through it). Since that day I have taken a week off and then started slowly running again. It has been better, but every once in awhile it flares up. 

I am really worried that it will end up preventing me from running Ragnar. Do you know of any possible causes? What can I do to help it heal and get back out there without it becoming a chronic issue?

Any and all input is greatly appreciated.



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