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I've upped my mileage (I can't believe I am actually writing this...Eric's training really works!).. and could use some wise words of wisdom for recovering afterwards.


What are the techniques you use, foods you eat etc. that work well for you?


After yesterday's run I felt like I had the flu for a few hours..everything hurt and I became really stiff. After the run I had 16oz of water with NUUN tablets and also made sure I had an Odwalla Super protein drink. I think I got some relief once I took some advil...but I'm not big on popping pills

Thanks for sharing...


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Foam rolling always works for me.  That, the NUUN and protein should do the trick, I have read where compression helps as well, so maybe you can get some use out of those compression tights you bought. :-)   

I have tried just about every post run trick in the book (stretching, foam roll, long cool down, massage, etc.) with the exception of cold water emmersion. I still those all of those things to a certain extent, but I no longer spend like 15 minutes cooling down, then 20 minutes foam rolling, then 20 minutes stretching like I once did. I personally have not found where any of those things significantly reduce DOMS or speed recovery. The cold water emmersion seems like it would, but to me it's just not worth the trouble and temporary discomfort of an ice bath to be a little less sore the next day. I do, however, try and consume some carbs and protein shortly after a hard workout. Protein shakes and chocolate milk are my personal faves. I don't know how much they actually help me, but I do it anyhow.

Food - swear by honey and tuna... Haven't tried it together :)

I Try and walk afterwards to stretch out if I have time

Now that's just gross! ;0)

Barbara, I'm working on the fueling as well...bring on the tips everyone!!!

HI Barbara -

How long was the run?

Are you using any electrolyte replacements on your run, such as (Skratch)? This is critical is you're sweating a lot. I had the same problem and I added skratch ( to bladder and then starting after 30 minutes ate 3 clifshots every 30 mins and it worked like a charm.

After run I'm a fan of real food that disgests easily.



Howdy Barbara I always make up a poweraid drink in my 3L Camelbak on long runs. I use the powder as its way more economical & you can mix it to tast. I make it about 1/2 the strength of the bottled version.
Then when I've finished, as soon as I can, I make a protein drink using a good quality protein that contain ameno acids & have a banana, sometimes 2.
I've tried cold water immersion as we have a pool & find I tend to cramp when I get out so I don't employ this anymore.
But what works for someone else may not work for you & visa versa.
Hope I've helped.

I'll usually drink Ultragen immediately after a long run or any run over 1.5 hours.  I usually don't stretch, but I'll walk around my car or -- if at a race -- around the finish area while drinking the Ultragen, just to keep moving.  Fruits such as watermelon and oranges have helped me recover as well.  

For me, I've found that the higher the amount of sugar in the recovery drink and foods the better, especially if I have a long drive home from the trail head or the race.  One time I didn't take in enough sugars and I actually started to get sleepy during the drive home...

Hello Barbara,

Yes I agree whole heartedly I'm just beginning week 7 , of Phase one and ran 18 miles at the weekend with no issues at all. Post I tend to use SIS Re go and porridge oats with a banana chopped up within 15 mins of getting in (long runs only > 13 miles). I'm sure the fuelling on the run will ultimately effect your post recovery.   I take SIS Go gel one every 45 mins, and drink in total about 500ml of water with an SIS "Zero" tablet. So far so good.....

I also use the slant board as post recovery stretching but not until later in the day.

Good luck



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