I just received Cool Impossible, at the suggestion of someone on a Facebook post. I just finished chapter 3 and I'm really excited about getting started. I have not been running at all for the past two years due to some terrible foot problems, PF(untreated for a long time) and a collapsing forefoot which has some minor arthritis. The pain in my feet is 10% of what it once was which was making my life miserable. Thanks to the Awesome physical therapists at Accelerated in my home town. I have been going for 4 months. I am just now getting back to running. After each run I can feel the typical heel pain from the PF, it's not terrible, I can tell its not gone away 100%. I just want some advice on your training plan and my injury. Since I have been going to to therapy for 4 months I am pretty strong from core exercises and single leg movements on bosu balls and large woble boards, etc.

My question is should I start the program from the The Cool Impossibe or do I need to work on PF some  more? I have minor heel pain after a 3 miler.                                                                                             IF need to come to Jackson Hole for the answer, I will. That is my favorite place on earth.

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Hi Chad - thanks for the post and glad you are getting thru TCI.  I would begin doing the foot strength training protocol and see how the PF responds.  Using the slant board and wobble board per the program is nothing like the BOSU, so this will be very different and nothing like you have ever done before.  So I would start conservative and like I mention, just see how the PF responds.  PF issues usually originate in the calf, so eventually these exercises will be tremendous for everything.

I would also finish the book, so you can get a full understanding of how everything works together: strength, form, run training. 

Sp keep us posted - E

Thanks for the quick reply. I will finish the book before starting the exercises. I will also keep you posted on progress. This had been a rough couple of years. I'm starting to see an end to this misery. I hope this is it.

Another key to PF, is to really stretch the calf AFTER massaging it.  This is one of the few times I suggest stretching - but the whole trick is to knock out the tightness in the calf so you can then stretch the fascia in the heel.

BUT, you can't get this heel stretch UNTIL you get past the tightness in the calf.  

1. massage calf really well with fingers, work on the tender knots in the muscle.

2. Then stretch the calf holding static for 1-2 min at a time.

Continue this sequence everyday, thru time, you will begin to feel and get a burning stretch in your heel when stretching the calf. This IS what you are looking for.

But again, you need to break up the mass tightness in calf first and may take a week or two of diligent work above.

Just a shout out to ya, I have struggled with this and found the recommendations Eric is giving you help me significantly. I run many many miles and race some rugged/rough trails, so if I can get past it you can too. It just requires focus and diligence.
Thanks Lori, I've been working hard. I have just finished 4+ months of physical therapy. It has helped tremendously but I don't believe I will be able to get back to running 100% without some more work. I am going to follow Eric's plan and see how it goes.

Keep us posted.



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