I've just completed Phase 1 Week 7 and I'm feeling a bit demotivated. I love the training, the intervals make it more interesting than training plans I've followed before. However, I don't see any improvement in my pace for HRZ2-3. I don't know what to expect and I'm trying to be patient and let my body respond to the training, but it's hard without seeing any change. What should I expect? Am I being impatient? 



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There is a really important point in a number of the messages here which is just to do what you are aiming to do each training session: in other words, the perfect session is where you run at exactly the pace or HR you were aiming to before you set off.  It isn't faster than you planned, or further or at a lower or higher HR, it is simply doing what you set out to do.

The programme is just that and if every session is "perfect" or as close to perfect as you can get it, the results will definitely come, you just need to stick at it.  For many (all?) runners, me included, the benefits derive from consistently training, and the real key is to avoid injury while doing that "perfect" training.

So don't beat your self up over expectations.  Just do your training and enjoy it (because you do love running, right!) and it'll be even more amazing when you do notice the improvements.

Well, I've just completed my 20 minute test and there has been NO IMPROVEMENT. 3 months of training - snow, wind, hail, rain, keeping my heart rate low. Yes, I can now run 14 miles so in terms of endurance possibly, but the pace I've been forced to run, I could probably have done that before I started the training. I could already run 8 miles over hills so my guess is I could. Crushed really does not cover it.

To be able to run 14 miles is pretty cool. Many many people will never achieve that. What's your long time running goal?
But I could run 8 miles cross country before I started the training plan. Honestly, I've put a lot of faith in this "ethos" and ok, so I'm not injured but I'm not any better after 3 months of training. I have a marathon in less than 2 months and the book said I would do a fairly decent time. It's pretty hard to believe that right now.
Sorry Rich, for being so negative yesterday and thanks for your support. I'll get back on the horse and keep going, tailor the training plan to my immediate goal and appreciate that Rome wasn't built in a day! My body needs more time to adapt and fair play, 6 months ago I was running occasionally. Now I'm running 4-5 times a week, uninjured which is a big deal.

Give yourself at least until the end of phase 2. Phase 2 is where you should really begin to notice an increase in speed.

I don't have until the end of Phase 2. My marathon is in 8 weeks. And the advice was to repeat the last 4 weeks of Phase 1 as the first 4 weeks of Phase 2.
Sorry Patrick for being so negative and thanks for your support. I'll get my trainers on and get stuck into my training again and see what Phase 2 brings. The marathon in 2 months is a short term milestone, plus I have another in October so more time to improve.
No need to apologise! We all have down days. As you say focus on your long term goals that's what matters :-)
I'm doing London as well :-)
Kathy, all of us want to see improvement quickly, we see others achieving amazing things & we want in. But what I've learned is we only see the achievement not the work, the backward steps, the seemingly endless days when nothing is accomplished. Frustration, fear, doubt, joy & contemplation? to name a few are all part of our Jounney. However the fact you have started your journey, have set goals and are working towards them puts you way ahead of most people. Your already a winner in my book, be patient, focus, but above all enjoy your journey for it is a gift. Like I said before Kathy, believe me, you are already a winner. Keep us posted on your progress.
Thanks Robert, it's really appreciated. I've taken stock and I'm back to the grindstone! If it was easy everyone would be doing it! I just need to find my own way and my own pace.


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