Since about a year I learn how to run using POSE method created by dr. Nicholas Romanov. This method is quite different. I'm a little confused by fundamental differences and similar promises concerning the effects of training. Does anyone of you have any experience? Has anyone compared the methods?


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Hi Henryk - if you are asking to compare the differences in Pose versus my form philosophy, I feel my philosophy addresses: strength, muscle activation, and stability.  These are crucial aspects of running well and the cornerstone of my form.  I believe that every running "good" step is an opportunity to build and layer on run strength.

Also, I feel that when learning good form, the cardiovascular training is a key component to helping learn, adapting form, and in developing the muscle memory - which is the most important piece.  Good form means nothing unless you can maintain good form and no one addresses how to establish muscle memory thru proper run intensity.

Hope this helps - E

Henryk In the video I've seen of the Pose method only existing athletes with a good grounding fitness & form are shown. This means they should be able to pick up the Pose form improvements very quickly which they do. Also all the athletes look to be well advanced with respect to strength, though this critical element along with muscular equilibrium is not mentioned at all. I would like to see results of the Pose method when applied to beginners just starting out on their journey. TCI site is ful of testament to novice runners who have overcome injury and/or made huge gains using Eric's methods.

Thank you for the clarification - they are very helpful. I am over fifty-year guy and I want to run on ultra distances. I have some difficulty with normal composure POSE method. The book "The Cool Impossible: Run Beyond Limit" made me wonder about changing my approach to running technique and preparation. The more, that I have problems with the stability of the ankle joints (over pronation), resulting in severe pain.

Once again - thank you and best regards


Hi, I've just posted my short article on the polish website: ("" in english means "runner training dot pl" :o) about POSE and Eric method, quoting your answer (Eric) in my translation. Also, I am using slant board and stability disk, according to your advices.

Best regards


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