Hi Everyone - I am in the middle of writing my book, literally, chapter 6.  This is the nutrition chapter and I thought I would post this and see what you might be interested in learning about nutrition.  It is such a simple, yet complex subject and highly personal.

So please list any topics or better yet, specific questions that you may have around nutrition.  Please note that I will not be answering them here....but please feel free to comment with your experiences and knowledge to the posts.

Thanks and I hope this is a way for you to help me help you!


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How much does an average runner's diet need to vary from what would be healthy and sustaining for a generally active person. In other words, at what training volume does one's diet need to go beyond sustaining general health and focus more on performance, recovery, etc. 

You said in Born to Run that Chris M should not worry about his diet and that the optimal diet would find him (or at least that is how I remember it)

I have found this to be a profound truth and have benefitted from the diet (or lifestyle) that has "found" me. Perhaps you could list the different diets that are out there and what they have to offer. The perfect human diet seems to be different for each person, but with some universal principles. For example, I have seen people benefit in similar ways from both a high protein and vegan style lifestyles. (I hate the  label "diet")

I agree! I do have to say, personally, I had to get rid of the "junk" before my body started telling me what it needed. My diet has evolved and I'm amazed at how my body really does tell me what I need. I think in particular sugar screws our whole regulatory system up. Studies show it causes cravings, changes your sense of taste and messes up your hormones..which influence everything. Before I got rid of (almost all) sugar my body told me to eat more crap.

I want to know about eating and running. It used to be I could eat and swim, eat and ride a bike but I couldn't eat and run right away. I would have to wait and hour and a half. Otherwise I would puke. Now my runs are becoming longer and the days get hot sometimes so I have to get out early to beat the heat. I don't eat before I run and then I run out of energy. How do ultra marathoners eat and run?

What about superfoods?  I woud really like to read about them as a part of training.

I would like to know about quick and easy diet staples that I can eat everyday. Also about the diets of pro runners.
What kind of elements make up the best pre race dinners?
So if I don't change my eating habitats could that effect me or my running??

Do you believe that everyone has to eat meat like chicken, beef, buffalo, turkey?

If so, how often.  If not, then what foods are supplementing best (eggs, fish, seaweed are some of my favorites) - I do not eat beef, chicken, etc.

I try to eat whole foods as well - beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables, etc

Also, I have friends who are lactose intolerant - any suggestions for their diet to stay strong and healthy.

Finally, any info on preventing gastro distress during racing would be super helpful.

Thanks for your great running technique video, good info out there and the message that we are born to run!

How important is PH balance for training and competing?

I would be interested in how I can eat to make sure my glycogen levels are refueled for long runs and how to increase my glycogen levels.

Nutrional advice made simple. For those of us already juggling family, work, training etc. We haven't the time to mess with scales and prepare several differing meals. We need meal plans that are suitable to fuel day to day training and support recovery but also that we can feed to partners and kids.

A lot of advice these days assumes a high level of nutritional savvy that if I'm honest I don't have. I need simple plans and directions.


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