I need new running shoes and I am looking at the new Nike Free's. I have been running on and off for no more than 3 or 4 miles lately in a pair of traditional running shoes with a giant heel. I am running with a forefoot strike, though. I want to move toward a more minimalist shoe and I am looking at the following two shoes as choices:

 - Nike Free V4 3.0 (more minimalist)

 - Nike Free V2 4.0 (less minimalist)

My question is this: since I have been running in a traditional shoe with such a large heel, would it be best to first run in the V2 4.0's as a transition phase and eventually move toward the V4 3.0's? Or, is it okay (healthy) for me to move right into the more minimalist V4 3.0's?

I would prefer to not waist my time with the V2 4.0's if I don't need to, but if you think that it would be better for me to transition from a high heel, to a medium heel, to a small heel, then I will get those.

Any and all shoe advice is welcome and encouraged in this discussion! I appreciate help from all who offer it! :)



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