I'm a pure running newbie. Bought my first pair of (minimalist) shoes in September 2013 and started off running 10 minutes per outing ! Gradually increased distances and ran my first 5K in September 2014. Now I can run an hour without difficulty if I keep my HR low. I ran the 20 minutes test and found a surprisingly low HR value of 156. So my HRZ2 is 124-133 which is so low that it's practically impossible for me to remain in that zone while working on cadence for example.
So today I am wondering if my HRZ2 range is really correct. What should a long HRZ2 run feel like ? These runs practically demand no effort for me at the moment and I often have to walk 20 seconds or so to get my HR back in the zone. Is this normal? I worry that I am undertraining.
Eric, I can't thank you enough for your book.

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Short status message after a month. My 20 minute test heart rate has increased by 4 bpm and my mile time has decreased by 1'20" (Was I daydreaming during the first test ??) Happily for me this means that I can use the speed zones in TCI and no longer need to extrapolate them from Eric's data since my previous test was above 10min/mile. Hurray !

Wow!!! that's great, sounds like you had a great test and some serious increase in your fitness! Congratulations!

Thanks Lori. I hesitated to post my results since I feel often rather ashamed of running so slowly, especially with all the ultrarunners on here.
DITTO Karen!!

Carolynn- NEVER be ashamed of your results!! You are on your own journey and you can enjoy it more when you aren't comparing yourself to others. I say this from years of doing the same thing myself. Be proud of what you've accomplished! =)

Karen, Lori, I know I SHOULDN'T be ashamed of running slowly, and it's ridiculous to compare myself to others. But for some reason the shame still accompanies me in my running, to the point where my mantra is "I have the right to run (even if I'm slow)". I often feel the need to tell myself this.

Heck, I don't even know why running has become so damned important to me !
hi, dont worry about other peoples pace, measure yourself against yourself and enjoy the journey. you are out there running thats the important thing!


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