Hi All would like to ask you guy's about the shoes that you use on the trails. I was using the Inov8 trialroc 235 but now unfortunately they no longer make them. Was wondering if anyone has any ideas on other brands etc. Would like your views as I don't want to change my running style

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What distance and type of terrain do you mostly run? Have you looked at the Trail Talon by Inov8? I am not crazy about the new Trail Roc, but X Talon are great if you are on soft ground.

The Salomon S Lab sense are amazing minimal high performance shoe, but expensive, but worth it. Might be able to find them on sale?

Hi Eric thanks for the response. I am running about 6m and am working up to 13m this spring /summer. And the hope is to get back to 16-20m. I will look at the trail Talon by Inov8, are the Salomon zero drop? As all the shoes I have seen in the UK have a large drop. Somone told me to look at the Altra Superior, was hoping that someone had any feedback on these. Any ideas would be great. Many thanks

There are not many zero drop options, but Altra is one. They are wide and do not fit me well and tend to be kind of clunky. 

For your grass runs, you might really like the Inov8 X Talon line. They are wonderful shoes, very flexible and natural feeling.

The Salomon Sense Ultra are 4mm drop, but a wonderful fit.

I would suggest maybe looking at the Inov8, as you could find 2 shoes, one for road and one for grass - for the price of one Salomon.

Oh terrain, is mostly grass / and some road (to get there)
Hi Eric I will give the Inov8s a go. Cheers

Hi What do you suggest for harder surfaces - road and hard packed dirt 

thanks Eric !! 

Hi Randi - If you are looking for ONE shoe for both road and trail,  the Inov8 Trail Talon are excellent road/hard trail shoes. They come in both 4mm and 8mm drop depending on your strength levels and run distances. They are a great combo of natural/flexible feel and some mid sole comfort.



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