Walnut stuffed dates are ready for tomorrow's run. What are some of your favorite natural running fuel?

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How do you eat chia seeds during a race?  Do you make bars or mix it with water? I tried once to mix it with water and drink just before a race, but my stomach felt full.  I couldn't eat or drink during the race.  Too much maybe...


Erik - I mix chia with VerdeGo before and after training runs.  For racing I just mix then with water and to a quick "chug".  You will need to experiment with amount for your own personal preference.

Sometimes I also will make a gel with water/seeds/honey or other sweetener.

when i run in the wee hours of the morning (5am), it is too early to eat a full breakfast, so i usually have almond butter or peanut butter kitchen-knifed out of the jar onto the banana...a bit with every bite...that usually does the trick.  oh, and i never go out without water, especially in this east coast humidity.  i really can't see how people go without water...but they must survive, since i have never seen anyone keeled over.

i just started experimenting with verdego...interesting taste.  at first i thought it might have a "greener" wheatgrassy taste, but it tastes strangely good.  i put it in one of those bullet blenders with about a cup of water and some ice cubes and it becomes a verde-slushy.  the sweet taste reminds me of beet sweetness.  there is a kind of tropical taste as well.  i haven't tried it before runs yet, as i usually try it away from runs first so my stomach can get used to digesting it.  

Do jelly beans count as natural fuel?! They are magic on a long run.

Is there anyone, who use only fat as his fuel? I´m quite interested in high-fat diet and its benefits for long distance running.

There are many people who are saying same thing, maybe it is not suitable for everybody. I do not have a problem with heathly fats, but it does not mean I will be OK on fats only.

Before a run I like a banana or my favorite has become rice cake with peanut butter, honey and chia seeds. I have tried dried pineapple during a run which was okay.

I have started using PocketFuel more and more, with great results. And am happy to announce I am working on a Cool Impossible Team discount - stay tuned.

Who else has had good success with PocketFuel?

I eat natural baby foods - there are brands here in Australia which have plastic screw-tops - one in each of the pouches on the straps of my rucksack, and I can unscrew, put my mouth on the spout, squeeze the pouch and get a mouthful, then put the cap back on - without missing a step. They have a similar amount of calories to gels, they're much easier to swallow, and they're generally tasty. Apparently - and someone advised me of this before I tried it, thankfully - don't try the meat and vegetable options. I stick to the fruit and custard varieties.

I think because they're whole foods all blitzed up, your stomach has something to work on (you get the fibre from the fruit, for example), and I seem to go better on these than gels - I've found with gels that I feel I have less energy than I should - it feels like my body is refusing to believe I've eaten anything.

I find that oatmeal and other cereals with skim milk work the best for me 1-2 hours before a run. Honey and fruit (especially a banana) works great too. I LOVE proteins, but I save most of these and fats for after my runs when possible. Most foods high in protein are also high in fat, which can trigger or exacerbate cramping and side stitches during high intensity or long runs. Also, as great as proteins are for recovery and muscle building/repair, they are inefficient fuel sources. Carbs burn much more efficiently. I do like to feel satiated when I run, however. So, in a pinch, I will consume some lower fat protein sources, such as greek yogurt or low fat cottage cheese. These foods provide enough protein to help satisfy you without the extra fat which can lead to discomfort during exercise.


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